Monday, 7 July 2014

Monday 07/07/14

Attitude Magazine featured my first novel as their "classic read" (yes, I know) this month. And wrote this bit about it. This bit makes me really fucking happy. Feeling grateful, feeling like my life has some meaning outside wearing baseball caps and posting instagram pictures (but still not feeling ‪#‎blessed‬):
"A nihilistic monument to self-absorption, first world problems and affluent ennui, Exit Through The Wound is as elegant and sharply perceptive as its disenfranchised anti-hero. Despising his Greek origins, London-based Maine immerses himself in a cycle of work and play, punctuated by prolific self-medicating and a vague orbit around an undefined, sometimes-sexual relationship with a young American heiress and her male-model boyfriend. His voice is acerbic and artfully devoid of feeling, which is what makes his observations - of friends, family and colleagues, not to mention his own soporific stance with regard to any purpose - so compelling. When a colleague enthusing about an extreme YouTube video demands how often do you actually get to see someone die, his response is, "Every day, when I look in the mirror." Indulging in minor acts of misanthropy in the form of passive aggressive defiance to social mores, Maine makes for a surprisingly likable character. As his excessive amphetamine addiction leads to a progressive numbness disease, we get a neat metaphor for his increasing divorcement from any emotional involvement with the world. An obvious reference point is Christos Tsiolkas' Loaded, but this is a tasty slice of outsider fiction in its own right, and Morgan is deserving of a wide and appreciative readership"

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