Friday, 28 June 2013

Thursday 27/06/13

I've been thinking for days what to say on here about this, or actually whether to say anything at all. Even though the blog London Preppy has always read highly personal, it hasn't really been biographical in a strict sense. Plus a lot of it was simply made up.

I guess on this occasion it suffices to say that anyone who's been paying even a little bit of attention recently (LINK) would know that I've not been exactly thrilled with the lifestyle I found myself pulled into since I moved to LA. I kinda had my fill of that when I was get the idea.

And even though you may not have the courage to change things yourself, despite knowing what you want and what's best for you, sometimes the decision is made for you. Sometimes you realise the love isn't there for you, and you have to go. (And sometimes this is made very, very obvious to you).

This is my last week in LA. I'll be starting over somewhere else, not that I wanted that at 33.


Tommy said...

Sorry to hear you have not found what you were looking for in LA, are you going to go back to England after this?

Or will you try another part of America, I always thought you would like the East Coast more.

I hope you find what you are looking for though.

London Preppy said...

tommy: Thank you. I'm not 100% sure what's going to happen next. I guess I'll know in a week

Hetero-Challenged said...

Where are you going off to?

diamond said...

Well, you know where I would suggest.

george said...

life plans don't always go accordingly. what fun would it be if everything went exactly as planned? my life has changed dramatically and i deal and try to make it work and think about what's next. you adapt and move on....if you can't then that's a different therapy session....good luck

Gabriel said...

north, its time to go. if it doesn't work out, pack up and go. somewhere you will be happy because life is too short to try to make it work if it isn't going to. hugs x

London Preppy said...

Thank you for the comments. The last month has shown me that: a) people are the worst, b) people are the best

I'm sure that makes sense to someone somewhere

Alex F. said...

I'm very sorry - although I'm not sure just how sorry I really am because I'm lost at what is true and what is fictional about you.

In any case, pain and disappointment are only temporary - and there are many opportunities for you out there (or here).

Speaking of opportunities, have you thought of doing porn? Just kidding. Although with LA gays you just never know who did or didn't do it. Please don't become one of them!

timmyz said...

i wondered how you would deal with LA. i lived there for a year and couldn't wait to leave. i thought i was living on another planet, a parallel universe. everything and everyone is so fake. come back to london...we miss you!

Ronald Tan said...

I don't remember how I ended up at your blog, Mr. Morgan; however reading a few of your recent posts intrigued me.

Los Angeles—despite the negativity—is a great location to jump-start dreams and careers, IF you know how to put people to good use. These people are NOT your friends. If you are seeking friends in the genuine sense. Communities like West Hollywood is certainly not the best place to start and NOT especially in WeHo clubs and bars.

Have you considered San Francisco? The city has a rich history, full of culture. Since WeHo gave you a bad experience—reading your other posts—I recommend you avoid Castro neighborhood of San Francisco. From my understanding, Castro is the gay metropolis of the West.

I too have difficulties making friends, and I have to remind myself the following: be a friend first.

If you are sincerely wanting to connect romantically and intimately, you have to slowly change. You first have to metaphorically put on your dress-shirt, slacks, suit, and finally the tie. You have to dress the part. This was a comment to something you wrote about how suburban people won't "touch the likes of you."

From a random stranger to another stranger on the internet, I do hope California will work out for you. If you are **truly** passionate about something—be it learning a new skill, craft, or whatever—you will do whatever it takes to seek the information out and complete the task.

Be safe out there, sojourner.