Friday, 28 June 2013

Thursday 27/06/13

I've been thinking for days what to say on here about this, or actually whether to say anything at all. Even though the blog London Preppy has always read highly personal, it hasn't really been biographical in a strict sense. Plus a lot of it was simply made up.

I guess on this occasion it suffices to say that anyone who's been paying even a little bit of attention recently (LINK) would know that I've not been exactly thrilled with the lifestyle I found myself pulled into since I moved to LA. I kinda had my fill of that when I was get the idea.

And even though you may not have the courage to change things yourself, despite knowing what you want and what's best for you, sometimes the decision is made for you. Sometimes you realise the love isn't there for you, and you have to go. (And sometimes this is made very, very obvious to you).

This is my last week in LA. I'll be starting over somewhere else, not that I wanted that at 33.