Friday, 17 May 2013

Friday 17/05/13

On Thursday evening my friend Peter sends me the link to an interview with Ezra Koenig (which you should listen to here [LINK] and if you don't like this person, his manner of speaking and the things that he says, please never talk to me) and then I listen to the interview and write to Peter:


a) Do any of you have East Coast Pretension accents? 

b) Where on the East Coast should I move to? I'm clearly not made for LA.

Never in the UK quote
(Conversation with checkout person at Trader Joe's)
Checkout person: Hey, how are you!!!!!
Me: Good, thanks
Checkout person (ignoring the fact that I didn't ask him back): I'm great, thank you. It's always great around here!!
Me: Is it?
Checkout person: Yes! I never have any complaints. I love working here.


william said...

Your time here was so brief. If you're into the Whit Stillman set, Manhattan should be your next stop. You'll be close to Greenwich, CT, home of "Greenwich lockjaw," too.

London Preppy said...

william: Oh yeah, I also don't want it to be Manhattan. I want somewhere quiet and suburban, suitable for a 33-year-old. Maybe I should just go straight to Greenwich

Hetero-Challenged said...

Since I'm from the East Coast, I'll assume I also have an East Coast accent. I don't think I have the pretension and honestly, I think that's just the way he personally speaks.

Moving to the East Coast...I assume you don't mean the Southern part of the East Coast because that's actually the South (also really boring and slightly homophobic and crazy) so everything above the Mason-Dixon line...there's the suburbs of DC like NOVA but they're mostly filled with technogeeks, guys affiliated with politics, and big ethnic families. There's Boston for a smaller city mindset with medium-sized city ambitions. I don't know much about the rest of New England but I always assumed they're filled with WASP-ish people (like Vampire Weekend) or rednecks.

Philadelphia seems like a good's definitely East Coast without the Manhattanite hustle but city and suburban enough.

There's also Chicago which I would like to live in one day but it's more "Mid-West" than East Coast and it's cold which might remind you of London.

About the conversations...When I lived in England, I thought English people were very rude for not asking how my day was going.

London Preppy said...

hetero: Thanks for these, very helpful.

I've been to Chicago and Boston out of the place you mention. I like both very much, but I think I would have a problem with the harsh winters. I mean, I miss London, but it's good to be in a warmer climate.

I think I'll be visiting DC in the next few months. And I don't know anything about Philadelphia, but I'll look into it

London Preppy said...

PS. It's funny about the conversations and the different perspectives. I find it really intrusive when they ask me things like that here

W said...

Although in the South both Charleston and Savannah are pretty liberal places, good weather and interesting architecture/ culture. A Southern twang might be an interesting addition to your accent too.

Tommy said...

I think I love him even more now, when I really sit and listen to him talk. I didn't really notice it till he said band, and its definitely a unique accent. Its not that typical east coast accent that I'm used to hearing, but I'm also from the midwest.

I think you would do better out there, I'm moving to Maryland in the fall and look forward to being on the east coast for the first time in my life.

London Preppy said...

w: Thanks. Well, as a first step via google images they certainly look nice

Greg said...

Move to Boston. Nobody likes to talk to strangers here.

However the taxes and const of living here are insane.

mikhe said...

long island in the summer-key west in the winter!

W said...

and apparently many of the characters from 'Midnight in the garden of good and evil' still live there. Read if you have not already