Friday, 7 December 2012

Saturday 08/12/12

These are my favourite albums of the year, OK?

Top 10 (Electronic)

1. Grimes - Visions

This is BY FAR my favourite and most played album this year. I saw Grimes live twice. That was weird. Oh well.

2. The Presets - Pacifica

This is a pretty bogan choice, but what can you do. I like it.

3. Pilotpriest - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

This was released completely independently. Pilotpriest is selling it online for 99 cents only. You get 26 songs for that, 26 mostly AMAZING songs. I know it's very obvious to say that, but if you liked Daft Punk when they were fun, you will love this. Please buy it. 99 cents, bro.

4. Tobias Bernstrup - Body Electric

I fell in love with Tobias when I discovered a video of him dressed in drag performing in Italo-disco original (in Italian) in front of a predominantly straight Mexican audience that didn't know what hit it. There are some things that you just cannot not love.

5. Bjork - Bastards

What can I say about my favourite person that I don't know personally on the planet?

6. Hot Chip - In Our Heads

This album has a song on it that I find completely unbearable. This song happens to be lamestreamer boyfriend's favourite song on the album. We really fell out and didn't talk for two whole days over this, no jk. I'm not saying what the song is, because it would be like revealing one's biggest fear and it would make me vulnerable to the world (i.e. somebody might kidnap me and play this song on repeat and I would literally die).

7. The 2 Bears - Be Strong

Just like with many Hot Chip releases, this has a few songs that are 23/10 and a few songs that are 0/10. The 23/10 outweigh the rubbish ones though, so here we are.

8. Crystal Castles - III

'ts OK

9. John Talabot - This is better than you think. I.e. You put it on and then you think, 'oh, I'd forgotten that this is quite enjoyable'.

10. Brothertiger - Golden Years

Best background music album of the year, ha, etc.

Top 10 (Indie / Other)

1. Saint Etienne - Words And Music

It's nice when a band you've followed since 1994 makes a properly amazing album suddenly in 2012. You're all like, 'I was right, huh?'

2. Chromatics - Kill For Love

Great album, didn't quite get the live show when I saw them in Chicago. Mind you, it was before Vampire Weekend and I think I was having an aneurism already just by thinking at the prospect of VW

3. 2:54 - 2:54

Sad and fantastic

4. California Wives - Art History

This is very straightforward, but it's so good and you don't always have to be weird to be great.

5. Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

Don't know who you think you are jumping ship after Video Games, like you think you're better than this. 

6. Geographer - Myth

This is very sweet and I like his voice. The lyrics aren't bad either.

7. Chairlift - Something

I imagine if I were straight and had a girlfriend, she would listen to this more than I do, and I would secretly love her more for it (even though I would be dismissive in person).

8. Menomena - Moms

This is here due to the best guitar song of the year (almost), Pique, although I don't like the rest of it that much.

9. Gossip - A Joyful Noise

See, I'm more embarrassed about thinking that this is 'OK' than Lana Del Rey.

10. Perfume Genius - Put Your Back N 2 It

Actively dislike the image / videos, but I like the songs.

We're doing videos and remixes next and then we're done.


Fresco said...

Hey, I’ve missed these lists. Will you be at Indie /Other Album No.1's gig at Sheperds Bush next Friday?

London Preppy said...

fresco: I didn't even know they were playing. Bad fan