Friday, 7 December 2012

Friday 07/12/12

I wanted to write something about my impending move to America, which is happening in just eight weeks, at the end of January. I haven’t written on London Preppy for ages, nothing in the format that I used to write all those years ago anyway, when I’d update every day and spend hours interacting with people who read it and commented. I know, in fact, that whatever I do online now will never have the same impact again. People have moved on, I have moved on, times have changed; it’s a combination of all these things. 

Looking back at the whole thing now, I feel a weird combination of pride and embarrassment. I’m kinda proud of what happened there, but I’m also embarrassed about the fact that I might have been so attention seeking and needy as to share those thoughts, those damn thousands of words online day after day for nearly three years. I think perhaps that’s what happens when you’re nearly 33 and you look back at your 27-year-old self. It might probably be worse in terms of neediness if I were doing the exact same thing now, half a decade later. I mean, I really am the same sociopath, but I don’t feel the need to document my life online with the same intensity and persistence.

Still, it’s pretty clear that very few things have had as big an impact in my life as this blog has. That’s the point of writing this now, actually. It would have been impossible for me to move to America, had it not been for this blog and what came with it. And it’s not like moving to America was a lifelong dream and I was desperately going through all the possible options that might get me there, but, you know, an opportunity came along that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

I’m moving over having acquired an O-1 visa, which is a visa that many artists get based on their work and achievements. For me to acquire this, I had to present evidence of my published work (e.g. my novel, short stories, articles), media exposure, awards shortlisted for/won and reviews, as well as get references from twelve professional writers / people in publishing. It’s just so obvious that I would never have been able to do any of this without London Preppy.

I’m trying to get the tone of this right. I don’t want to come across sentimental and I don’t want to come across as a twat either. I’m just grateful for things that have happened, and I have a nagging feeling that I owe pretty much everything to the people who ever came across this site and read it. So, kinda thank you, yeah.

Now, with regard to actually moving to the US, well, I’m fucking terrified. I suppose that’s in character. I just need to turn up and give it a shot, or so I’m told. Please be nice to me if you see me there. You’re likely to. It’s a small place, right?


Alex F. said...

It's a massive place! I hope you drive!

For some reason I feel a bit sad about your move. I mean, I don't know you outside this blog, your first book, and your Twitter - but myself being from a similar Orthodox crappy corner of Europe and moving to UK, coming out, etc, I strongly identify with a lot of your writing (and you gave me an idea to change my name!), so it's weird to see our paths diverge.

In any case, good luck and have fun. Do I hear wedding bells as well? ;-) (seeing as Prop 8 is about to be nullified)

London Preppy said...

alex: I do drive, yes (no one has any confidence in me when I say that for some reason).

That's actually sweet.

Thanks very much. (PS Ha! I have a feeling we're way off that still)

george said...

sounds amazing. great opportunity and you deserve it.....i have been following you online for a long time and will continue to do so as long as you have a point of view. good luck and looking forward to see your next big thing......

diamond said...

i'd like to believe that you fell in love with chicago during lolla but i'm assuming that you've been sucked in by my schizophrenic hometown of los angeles. in either case, best of luck.

London Preppy said...

george: Thank you. And thanks for commenting over all these years

diamond: The thing is, I did fall in <3 with Chicago, but your assumption is correct (for several reasons). It's LA or thereabouts anyway. Thank you

Fresco said...

Well, I’ve never enjoyed a blog more than yours so thanks for that. All the best with your move to America. If you can make it there, you can make it everywhere or summink or nuffin

Brian said...

I think you need to start up a new blog - London Preppy America

Brian said...

I always post wrong - what i meant to say was you need to start up "London Preppy America"

Brian, Chicago

Ben said...

"Extraordinary Ability or Achievement" - maybe some words to hold onto?

Bon voyage, and good luck.

London Preppy said...

brian: I really think it's too late for all that, ha. Saying that, I might have A LOT of spare time when I'm there

ben: These ARE just words, that's what I think.

Thanks for the good luck, etc [smiley]

W said...

Dear London Preppy,
i was never a devotee, but i always read your stuff and took from it lots of amusing observations about the life i was living at a similar time in similar circumstances.
You have a way with words and observations i really understood and appreciated. I think your a very talented chap.
Life has moved on for us all and as i dont follow twitter i guess i dont really know how your profile has developed, but i do know that i respect what you have done, and you should be proud of everything you have achieved. I wish you all the best for the future and look forward to randomly stumbling across your achievements in the future,
Take care x