Thursday, 29 November 2012

Thursday 29/11/12

Here are two lists - my favourite songs of 2012. 

Split in Top 20 (Electronic) and Top 20 (Other). The classifications are a bit tenuous, don't be so pedantic, gawd.

Click on the text for links.

Top 20 (Electronic)

4. Pyramids - Frank Ocean (Just the first half though, thanks very much)

Top 20 (Other)

3. Revolving - 2:54 (Sorry, I can't find this on YouTube. It's on Spotify though)
19. Lilies - Bat For Lashes (Again, not on YouTube)

Next, I'll be posting Albums, Remixes, and Videos. Bye.


ClockworkNovak said...

Your definition of "indie" is incredibly flexible, sir. ;)

London Preppy said...

Ha, yes. I really meant it to be Electro and Everything Else That Couldn't Go Under That. I'm changing it to 'Other'

devon said...

Just a simple thank you from me... looking into ones I missed out on.