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Friday 05/10/12

This is an interview I did for Diva magazine. Well this is part of it. Read the full interview here

Tell us a bit about your book.

North Morgan: [...] It was once described to me as taking a trip inside the mind of someone with a mental illness, which I liked a lot, because I wasn't aware that I had one.

How different/similar are you to your main character, Maine Hudson?

[...] overall when I was writing the book, I often thought: what would happen if I could do all of the things that I want, action all those stupid little ideas that I occasionally get, without any of the consequences? So I sort of created an exaggerated, grotesque version of myself. Saying that, if people want to believe that Maine is an accurate depiction of me, I'm totally up for it. Maine is quite intriguing and daunting and people don't fear me in real life enough, because I'm short and quite timid, so I welcome this.

Is it fair to call it a grim read?

Thank you, I like grim. I wanted the book to be one step further than 'dark'. Everything aspires to be 'dark' these days. Someone even told me once that they liked Glee because of its dark undertones. Or when people describe Harry Potter as 'dark' to make themselves feel better about reading it. It's not dark; you're reading a children's book. My book has very little action and zero violence and it still makes you feel uncomfortable. 

What are three books (by other writers) that you love?

Nausea - Jean Paul Sartre
The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath
The Stranger - Albert Camus

Generally, if you show me a book where nothing happens but everyone is very, very unhappy, I'll love it. Apart from the above, which are simply life-changing, I idolise F Scott Fitzgerald and JD Salinger.

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