Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday 28/09/12

So, some news is that Exit Through The Wound has been shortlisted for the Polari First Book Prize. Or so this website tells us:

The Bookseller

As a consequence, I'm doing a couple of interviews in the next few weeks for Beige magazine (LINK) as well as Diva magazine (LINK). The most absurd outcome of this, however, is that I'm going to appear as a guest on a radio show next month (October). Anyone who knows me in real life knows that my accent, my eloquence, this delivery...they were made for radio. So please don't tune in:

"North Morgan will be interviewed by Rosie Wilby on Resonance FM (104.4 FM) on Tuesday 23 October at 6.30pm. What would you ask him?" - My publisher

"If no one listens to the radio show I appeared on, did I appear on a radio show at all?" - A philosopher

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