Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wednesday 09/05/12

Do you remember when I posted this video... ...and wrote this second by second analysis? Well here's a new video in the same style... ...and I could easily write a 2,000-word analysis on the face of the middle guy in the second row with the broken arm (JUST his face) but unfortunately I have more boring things to do like write a second book, etc :-(


Fresco said...

Amazing. Please analyse

Robert said...

i've watched this vid at least 10x now... I find it absolutely fascinating.

dave604 said...

Totally unrelated... but since you're my fav greek.

Have you seen the greek grandmother ads --> What does Yiayia think?

writersblokc said...

And just like that, 'riding in cars with boys' got a whole new meaning. I agree: just his face.
How long is that car?! There has to be at least one gay/bi among them, responsible for *accidentally* throwing Carly Ray Jepsen in the 'dude's music mix'.