Saturday, 26 May 2012

Saturday 26/05/12

Some new songs to play in the five days of sun we'll get in London this year. 1. Saint Etienne - I've Got You Music 2. Baio - Sunburn Modern 3. Woodkid - Run Boy Run (Tepr remix) 4. Flight Facilities - With You

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writersblokc said...

Since today is the third day of June, and all I can see out of my window is grey rain, this comes as a pleasant surprise.
I want to get that Baio song just to look at that cool title. The woodkid track is the definition of 'dope', I love how it sounds like two different songs put together. With you is the kind of track that doesn't shout in your ears but kinda creeps into your head.
Nice ones, thanks for sharing.