Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thursday 05/04/12

'I love making lists' is the go-to phrase of everyone on the internet ever and it's similar to saying 'I'm OCD, I have ADHD, I'm dead inside' when you want to come across as a sensitive soul or very thoughtful and modern. And because I'm a disgusting internet cliche who carries as much original thought as a pair of bright socks on display in Urban Outfitters, well, I love making lists.

I make and post song lists every two months. But those are lists of songs that came out recently and I heard and liked. They are 'zeitgeist lists', like Scott says.

But. At the moment I'm putting together my ultimate song list. A list of my top 25 favourite songs of all time. Well, that's what I started doing, but as it was an impossible task and I wanted more, so I stretched it up to 50. Or rather, I made two lists: my top 25 and the 25 that didn't quite make it.

I'll be posting these lists soon. I'll write something about each other these songs and why they're in there and what they stand for and why I love them so much. But first I've got to cut 3 songs, because I've got 53 on my longlist in front of me right now, and I don't know which ones I want to lose. Bear with me.

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