Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My Top 50 Songs Ever (25 - 1)

Here's the top half of the list. For positions 50 - 26, look here.

25. Pilotpriest - Body Double (2010)

This is about twelve minutes long and it's instrumental. It's structured in a way that gives you a subtle feeling of unease, but never actually threatens you - as if you were walking alone on a street with no lights in the middle of the night, but in a nice suburb. If you're going to listen to it, give it your full attention; don't read or play Draw Something or whatever at the same time. Oh, be careful not to leave it on repeat, because it will go round in a constant loop and you'll sit there not knowing whether it's starting or ending, or whether you're free to get up and go ever again.

24. Shannon - Give me tonight (1984)

Maybe I'm giving this more credit than anyone else in the world ever, but I only discovered it when I was 25 and was just coming out, and I used to play it before heading out and I was kinda excited but also terrified, and that's a pretty good feeling to have.

23. The Cure - Lovesong (1989)

I hear that 'Adele' has done a cover of this, and that's something I'm never, ever interested in hearing.

22. Daft Punk - Revolution 909 (1997)

I couldn't decide which Daft Punk song from Homework to include. I wanted to throw Alive in there, because it's been my favourite over the last few years, but Lamestreamr Bf said that it's too hard and inaccessible. I said, back off, it's MY list, I'll put in what I like. But overall, I guess, Revolution 909 has been a favourite from the moment I heard this album regardless of temporary preferences, so here it goes.

21. Bruce Springsteen - I'm on fire (1984)

It would be a better world if I had never known anyone who's ever enjoyed the works of Glee, and just knew people who own this record instead.

20. Pet Shop Boys - Domino dancing (1988)

Video helps.

19. Morrissey - Suedehead (1988)

As good as anything by The Smiths.

18. Babybird - Back together (single remix) (1998)

The album version is very different. Please avoid it.

17. Vampire Weekend - Diplomat's son (2010)

Vampire Weekend were created to be listened to by the character London Preppy.

16. Crookers ft Roisin Murphy - Royal T (2010)

You can play that to the most clueless lamestreamer person ever and they will like it. (If they have even a remote interest in dance music).

15. Björk - Pagan poetry (2001)

I've written a lot about Björk below, so that will do.

14. Suede - Heroine (1994)

I've written a lot about Suede below, so that will do.

13. The Smiths - I know it's over (1986)

Kinda sad.

12. Sebastien Tellier - La ritournelle (2004)

This is the first song I heard with Lamestreamr Bf shortly after I met him for the first time.

11. Yazoo - Only you (1983)

10. The Presets - This boy's in love (Lifelike remix) (2008)

The original is pretty good, but the Lifelike remix is my favourite remix ever.

9. Gene - You'll never walk again (1999)

Sadly I can't find a studio version to link to for this - below is a live performance instead. Gene is my favourite mid-90s band that no one holds in any esteem.

8. The Smiths - Rubber ring (1985)

I don't know what to say about this. Everyone loves The Smiths.

7. Moloko - The time is now (2000)

This kicks off a sequence of songs that you should play at your next party. Start with The Time Is Now and play (6), (5) and (4) below in that order. Unless everybody comes up to you and congratulates you at the end of this, leave, because you're not at the right party.

6. Madonna - Into the groove (Like A Virgin version) (1985)

Again, I have to be precious and insist on this version, as opposed to the Immaculate Collection one with the piano breakdown, which I don't enjoy all that much.

5. Stardust - Music sounds better with you (1998)

This must be my favourite dance 'track', give or take New Order. It has been described as sounding like a tension headache, but people describe things wrongly all the time.

4. New Order - Bizarre love triangle (extended dance remix) (1987)

It is extremely important that you listen to the extended dance remix of this from the 1987 Substance LP (the version I've linked to below). Any other version is completely substandard. Also, I like the fact that this song sounding like THAT, was released in the late 80s by a mainstream act and now, twenty-five years later, we have to get a Lifelike remix for anything to sound as exciting.

3. Aliki Vougiouklaki - Mes s'afti ti varka (1960)

This is a Greek song from fifty years ago. Don't worry, nothing good has come out of Greece since, so you don't need to worry about missing out on anything. It doesn't matter if you don't know what this woman is singing about. Listen to this and tell me it doesn't get to you.

2. Suede - Stay together (single edit) (1994)

It so happens that this is my favourite Suede song ever. Suede - apparently - hated it and refused to play it live for about fifteen years. So I'd seen them about six or seven times and never heard this. It had actually reached a sort of mythological status in my mind, and I was resigned to the fact that I'd never hear this played live. Then, last year in one of the reunion shows at Brixton Academy, they brought it out and smacked me in the head with it. I am not exaggerating in saying that when I heard the opening bars and realised what was about to come, I collapsed. I literally could not stand up and spent the entire time sitting on the ground, crying. If this sounds ridiculous to you, it's because I am. This was also one of the happiest moment of my life.

Also, in other Stay Together news, this was the song that made me think of Scott throughout our relationship (after all, it is about two lovers who die together by throwing themselves off the top of a high-rise in London - what could be a greater declaration of love?). Scott doesn't really like it, but in any case it was my song of our relationship. When we broke up after three years together, I was going through a bit of a hard time and during one of the lowest moment of self-doubt and despair, I chose Suede on my iPod, hit shuffle and said to myself: if Stay Together comes one next (out of a total of 106 Suede songs) it will be a sign that, at some point, we'll get back together. The song came on. We never got back together as a couple, but Scott is now like a brother to me, closer than ex boyfriend, best friend, or partner; and Suede never lied.

Oh yeah, I prefer the single edit to the full length version on this one. Even I don't have time for that bit with the incomprehensible ramblings.

1. Björk - Bachelorette (1997)

I kinda think that nobody's that much of an individual and if you observe people enough, you can easily put them in boxes with others who share similar characteristics. If you care for individuality, the best you can hope is that your box is one of the smaller ones. And I think that Björk's box is really, really tiny. Bachelorette sounds like nothing else and could not have been recorded by anyone else. Not that's not enough to make it great, of course. It's great, because it is.


kim said...

i can only assume each book reading you do for ETTW is a carbon-copy of the Björk - Bachelorette film clip?

London Preppy said...

kim: Well, we do have a similar accent

red.without.pause said...

Interesting mix! You've inspired me to think about my own list and who would place among the 50. After reading your blog for so long I would have bet that your #1 would have been Suede, Roisin Murphy, or Bjork (I nailed it with Bjork)! Have you heard The Twilight Singer's cover of "Hyperballad"? Definitely something to check out and though it may be sacrilege, I prefer it over the original.

London Preppy said...

red: I haven't heard this, no. I'll google now

Ben said...

Easy on the vulnerability, hey? It doesn't suit you ;-)

London Preppy said...

ben: #sovulnerable

devon said...

I have to say I'm quite impressed with your top 25, or does impressed just mean that I agree with the majority... either way.

devon said...

I have to say I'm quite impressed with your top 25, or does impressed just mean that I agree with the majority... either way.

Fresco said...

What a titanic job. Guess Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ (the saddest popsong ever) also fell from the longlist? Thanks for # 36. That Debbi in the video, that’s like Madonna in about two years time innit

London Preppy said...

devon: Well, why am I not surprised by that? :-)

fresco: Ah yes, that would have been in 61, ha (I forgot)

beralex said...

I was sure Lost Prophets would have made an appearance.