Saturday, 7 April 2012

My Top 50 Songs Ever (50 - 26)

My favourite songs of all time. Positions 50 to 26.

50. Yelle - Je veux tu voir (2006)

First time I saw/heard this, at 0:16 in the video, where it transitions from the Jogging intro to the wobble-bass of the actual song, my jaw dropped and I fell into a coma. Even if you're much less impressionable than me, I think you should still be careful when you watch it.

49. Terry Hall - Forever J (1994)

God knows why I like this song so much. It's 'cute' at best, but I actually think it's because it was a massive radio hit in Greece when I was growing up and those people are very good at brainwashing.

48. Scarlett Johansson - Falling down (2008)

This would probably be a lot worse if she could actually sing it. Her inability somehow makes it perfect. I still want this to be the soundtrack to the opening scene of the movie adaptation of Exit Through The Wound. You know, where they wonder in a club losing each other and taking lots of drugs, etc?

47. Heavenly - Atta girl (1993)

I like songs with long instrumental intros. This one is over a minute. Then eventually when they do sing, it builds up to TWO PEOPLE singing DIFFERENT things. Amazing. Best part: 'Fuck you, no way' at 3:13, which you could sing to your friends in indie clubs in the mid-90s, even if you didn't know the rest of the lyrics.

46. Menswear - Daydreamer (1995)

You'd think this is the most embarrassing song on my list, but you clearly haven't seen the rest yet. I don't understand why Menswear haven't reformed yet to take the money of desperate, nostalgic 30-something year olds like me, but I'll be right there when they do.

45. Samantha Fox - Touch me (1986)

Oh OK, here's the most embarrassing. Whatever. This is great. Um, hello, 'Like a tramp in the night, I was begging for you to treat my body like you wanted to'

44. The National - Conversation 16 (2010)

This went quickly from Samantha Fox to The National, didn't it?

43. The Cardigans - Carnival (1995)

I remember soon after this came out, The Cardigans came to Athens for a gig, which was actually a festival where Simply Red was headlining. And when I went to buy my ticket I mentioned something about leaving as soon as The Cardigans has played so I would miss Simply Red, and the guy at the music store took offence and told me that I don't know what I'm talking about and Simply Red are legends and he's sure that when The Cardigans were growing up they must have been huge fans. This was another sign of where Greece would end up years later, if they gave people like that jobs.

42. Cut Copy - Hearts on fire (2007)

It's nice the people still like New Order so much decades later.

41. Robyn with Kleerup - With every heartbeat (2007)

Do you think Robyn has tried to re-write this song a few times since then or not? (Don't get me wrong, I will also be re-writing ETTW).

40. Homeboy - Adorable (1992)

I really doubt there's anyone on the planet who remembers / cares for this song in the year 2012, but unfortunately it's the world that's missing out, not me.

39. Saint Etienne - Like a motorway (1994)

Robyn did not invent electropop ballads.

38. Depeche Mode - Enjoy the silence (1990)

I'm sure this is in everyone's Top 50 songs of all time, and I guess if it isn't, it's time to take a step back and reassess your life.

37. Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the dark (1984)

Just like the best books, all the great songs are also sad (if you pay close enough attention). Books and songs whose sadness revolves around the pointlessness of life / questioning your own existence and all the choices you've made so far are the absolute best. I'm not just saying these things. These are facts.

36. Felix Da Housecat ft Miss Kittin - Madame Hollywood (2002)

Please watch this video. Hopefully that will be me one day.

35. Prince - When doves cry (1984)

I don't know what to say about this. I don't really care for Prince much, but this is brilliant.

34. James - Sometimes (1993)

I like songs as much for the lyrics as I do for the music. (Even though, I suppose, you occasionally have to make allowances for some dance stuff). This is full of small scenes. It's a bit like watching a movie. Which is good for somebody who doesn't actually want to sit down and watch movies, like me.

33. The Housemartins - Bow down (1987)

This is a brilliant upbeat song with really sad lyrics about questioning your own existence and all the choices you've made so far, because we really haven't had enough of those yet.

32. Hole - Violet (1995)

I like all of the following: The fact that it starts mid-sentence. The soft verses. The angry chorus. Etc.

31. Frank Turner - Redemption (2011)

This is the most recent song on the whole list, and that tells you a lot of what you need to know about how much I like it. Oh, also: LYRICS.

30. Fischerspooner - Emerge (2001)

This still goes on every party playlist I ever make.

29. Pulp - Common people (7" edit) (1995)

I prefer the single version without that 'dog lying in the corner' verse, but I'm probably wrong.

28. Elastica - Never here (1995)

Another amazing minute+ instrumental intro. Why can't Elastica reform, but Dodgy are still going? What kind of a world are we living in?

27. Phoenix - Lisztomania (Classixx version) (2009)

Please note: I'm most definitely talking about the Classixx remix of this. I have zero interest in the original and in any other 70s soft rock pastiche that may come around now or ever. 80s pastiches, on the other hand, are always extremely welcome.

26. Gossip - Heavy cross (Fred Falke remix) (2009)

What. A. Remix. (Again, please don't bother with the original. I mean, it's good, but).

Tired now.


Pauler said...

Nah, Robyn has a common theme running through her killer singles, but she definitely does not write the same song over and over.

With Every Heartbeat, Be Mine, Dancing On My Own deserve their own medals

Scoop said...

That 0.16 YELLE moment was a new one on me. Didn't quite lose consciousness, but had to sit down afterwards.

Guy said...

Thank you for creating my spring playlist. Many new things for me to discover here which is always a bonus. I am taking bets on the 1.songs and 2. positions, for Morrissey and The Smiths on your next posting. Any takers?

Hopefully this list-making is not delaying the release of your next novel by too long.

red.without.pause said...

You and I can be alone in our knowledge of how epic Adorable is. Homeboy is a great choice but I'd have to say my number one would be Vendetta. By the way, long-time reader commenting for the first time in about 5+ years of following your story.

red.without.pause said...

You and I can be alone in our knowledge of how epic Adorable is. Homeboy is a great choice but I'd have to say my number one would be Vendetta. By the way, long-time reader commenting for the first time in about 5+ years of following your story.

London Preppy said...

guy: There are three songs by The Smiths / Morrissey left. I didn't want to crowd the list with one band, etc, but yes, that's all I'm saying for now

red: Thanks for the first time comment. God, you're so beautiful (see what I did there?)

London Preppy said...

(I have to listen to Vendetta now)

red.without.pause said...

You're quite welcome. Yes, my powers of observation caught that ;-)

Toby said...

This is great! Will be the playlist for my birthday party later this month, me thinks.

London Preppy said...

toby: Cool. And don't make sure to include 'Lucky Day' too, of course