Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sunday 04/03/12

I wasn't sure whether I would do the usual 'best songs from the last two months' thing this year. But I'm kinda avoiding doing something else at the moment, so I might as well. Here are the best songs from January / February 2012. Some of them might have come out a bit earlier. SORRY.

1. Oblivion - Grimes

The Grimes album is probably my favourite of the year so far. I had to limit the songs from it to four on this list, but the whaler thing is great. That meant to say 'whole thing'; it's a typo, but I like it and I'm leaving it. I chose Oblivion as my favourite, because it also has my favourite video of the last couple of months.

2. Kites - Geographer

Apparently this song has been knocking about for a couple of years, but I only just discovered it. Plus Geographer just put out a new album and tagged this on at the end, probably because it's their best song.

3. This is what makes us girls - Lana Del Rey

This is my favourite non-single from the LDR album. It's extremely unfashionable to like LDR at the moment. Pitchfork slated her in the album review, particularly picking apart her lyrics, AFTER GIVING SCORES OF 10 OUT OF 10 TO THE LIKES OF KANYE WEST. Whose lyrics makes me cringe so much that I almost want America to sink for making him a superstar.

4. Somebody that I used to know - Gotye

You know this. It's number 1 everywhere. It doesn't mean we have to pretend it's not great though.

5. Prisoner of love (ELIOT's 1987 mix) - Jessica 6


6. Be a body - Grimes

Let's hope Grimes doesn't go Robyn's way. With every embarrassing gay who wants to pretend to be cool namedropping her. And worse of all - literally, THE SHAME - breteastonellis tweeting about her about three years too late. Because he's in touch, you know? He even has a 25-year-old boyfriend, you guys.

7. And I say - Nicolas Jaar

Better than previous Nicolas Jaar snoozeathons.

8. Be strong - The 2 Bears

The 2 Bears album only has a couple of good songs for me. Then they also do this thing where a lot of the vocalists have these annoying common English accents (like...laddy ones) which might sound like a thing to Americans or Europeans, but personally I don't really find anything appealing in having some working class English geezer singing (or talking) about how cool drugs are and how he spends his life in some stupid straight after club, missing early 90s raves. Grow up and get a job, you know?

9. I belong in your arms - Chairlift

How sweet.

10. Skin - Grimes

11. Seychelles - Perseus

This is good, as is his ep (more of which later).

12. Simple song - The Shins

Quite good for generic indie. (Brilliant video though).

13. Dark paradise - Lana Del Rey

14. Genesis - Grimes

15. Rain of gold - Young Empires

Again, older track but included in their album, which is just out

16. This charming video game - The Smiths / Lana Del Rey

Calm down. If anything, it's nice to hear the clear Morrissey vocal over the track. It drags on a bit though.

17. Tonight - Saint Etienne

A little bit cringe, but we have a soft spot for Saint Etienne, etc.

18. Hood - Perfume Genius

If you actually recognise the person starring in the video, I'm embarrassed for you. If you know his name without looking it up, please click out of my blog, thanks.

19. Video games (Jamie Woon remix) - Lana Del Rey

A good remix for a song that didn't need one.

20. We take care of our own - Bruce Springsteen

Mostly included for past glories. Still, listenable. Madonna on the other hand is fast killing all past glories.

21. Brothers - Tanlines

A bit Kitsune by numbers (even if they're not on Kitsuine) but enjoyable.

22. Bear hug - The 2 Bears

And you're done with The 2 Bears album, honestly.

23. Reaching out (Fred Falke remix) - Nero

Pretty generic, but fun.

24. Russian girlfriends - Perseus

(This is from the Persus ep we were talking about)

25. Inspector norse - Todd Terje

26. Depak ine - John Talabot

27. Shapeless and gone - Porcelain Raft

That's all for now. Ugh, I have to go and link all the above to YouTube now that I've typed them.


Broney said...

Have you seen this:

London Preppy said...

broney: I have now

writersblokc said...

I think Oblivion is one of these songs that can be played on repeat and you won't mind. Or notice. The video is cool, very american. I like Kites, hadn't heard that before so thanks for sharing. LDR should become a case-study of how to write a smashing debut album, are there any bad songs in there? Nicolas Jaar is ridiculously hot in a boyfriend material way, so I like his music too. Perseus is good, you're right. So is Hood, what a lovely song. Tanlines have the right sound, but not for today. Depak Ine sounds amazingly good after the first 3'.
And that's all I guess.

London Preppy said...

writers: On LDR, I don't like a couple (Million Dollar Man and Carmen) but the rest is great. I listen to it and I'm suddenly on track 8 without having noticed it. Which is good. Jaar is handsome, in a boy next door type. I nearly commented about it actually.

Thanks for commenting, it's good to know someone's paying attention

writersblokc said...

I wasn't sure If I should use your blog-space to drool over Jaar, but someone had to say it. I have this txt file on my desktop named 'songs to get', which is pretty much self explanatory, so i'm always on the lookout for new songs/music to add.

thebewlaybrother said...

Nice selection. Love 2 Bears.

Much as I love St Etienne, Tonight sounds like they haven't listened to any club music since 1997... shame.

London Preppy said...

brother: Yes, it's a bit strange. As if they're being deliberately retro

thebewlaybrother said...

OMFG. That Smiths / Lana Del Rey mash up is genius. Who would have ever put those two songs together?? A good find!

thebewlaybrother said...

Here's one you may or may not have heard...

London Preppy said...

brother: Thanks, I did not have that one. I like