Saturday, 18 February 2012

Saturday 18/02/12

Here's a video with out-takes from a Limehouse Books photo shoot.

Personal highlights include:

02:24 - Incompetent typing (one finger at a time)
03:59 - "I don't have a problem taking my shirt off"
04:00 - "Take your shirt off"

(Please note - and because I don't want to be wasting your time - 02:42)

Limehouse Books Photoshoot from Limehouse Books on Vimeo.


Cal84 said...

jeez, it must have been years since I was on your blog the last time. Great to see you're doing well and have followed through with the writing - gonna get to book!

London Preppy said...

cal84: Thanks Cal84

writersblokc said...

I think the best part was your relationship with that typewriter. Also, it looks like your greekophobia runs so deep, it has altered your DNA.

On a different note, I have a few things I'd like to tell you about the book. Are they acceptable in the form of a comment or is there a 'dedicated book comments' page slash email?

London Preppy said...

writersblokc: I'd never played with one before. It was pretty special

Email me at london dot preppy at gmail dot com

Elly said...

hi could you leave me your email please to contact you?


My email is