Saturday, 24 December 2011

Saturday 24/12/11

There are three writing projects that I'd like to undertake in 2012. Of course this means that I'll probably not write anything instead, but the most important thing is to tell everybody that I'm 'working on something', right?

These projects are:

a) A second novel. Working title 'I'll Always Love You Less'. This will be the usual alienation / disaffection / messed up modern character stuff I've been writing about for the last half-decade on London Preppy and in Exit Through The Wound

b) Country guide to Greece. Not a travel guide, but more country / cultural guide, scrutinising the people in the country and their behaviour. This will be non-fiction and unfortunately it will also be bitter and twisted and from the perspective of someone with severe personality disorders like everything else I write :-( I guess the end goal is to be banned from ever going back there. Not really, I just think it will be quite funny

c) Same as (b) but for the USA

The Greece one has been building up inside me for the last, say, 31 years and inspiration for the USA one has been increasing via having an American partner and having visited the country five times over the last couple of years. What can I say, I love it there, but there is also a lot of 'whaaaaaah' and I've got to put it down somewhere. It's just not fair if I don't.

I accept any large commissions / free flights / chocolates and other treats that will help me write the above whilst also having a full-time job.

Thanks, bye.


Hetero-Challenged said...

The American one sounds fascinating.

Unknown said...

So we know you also went to Australia, and from the little you have mentioned from that time I think you didn't really like it. You've never really talked much about your Australia about a blog post on this?

London Preppy said...

unknown: I did like Australia, but mostly really as a break from what I was doing in London, I guess. At the end of the six months there, I was quite ready to come back. Another thing to add is that when I first went I intended to write my novel there. But I was faced with a block and I ended up giving up. I didn't write anything for about a year during that time. So that wasn't very good

walnuts said...

Hi Preppy! I just read your book and really loved it although cannot explain why (joke). Perhaps because I have what is called "Greek heritage" and know all about living in Greece. So, I think you should write the second option, the Country Guide to Greece. I'd also at some point like to see a second novel. Book on the US? Possibly, after the other two, but so many people have written about the US, it would have to be something unique.

Maine reminded me of Nick Stefanos, the bummer private investigator in the early George Pelecanos novels. Of Greek immigrant background, fucked up for some reason, living in the city, has an alcohol problem and is always going on a bender, with a scintilating musical soundtrack throughout the book. Maybe you could write about Greeks in the US and how they differ from the ones in Greece itself.

London Preppy said...

walnuts: I think you're right about the American thing. We'll have to see how it goes and whether have enough of a unique take on it (I doubt it). My priority is definitely the novel though

Oldyeller said...

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