Saturday, 24 December 2011

Saturday 24/12/11

There are three writing projects that I'd like to undertake in 2012. Of course this means that I'll probably not write anything instead, but the most important thing is to tell everybody that I'm 'working on something', right?

These projects are:

a) A second novel. Working title 'I'll Always Love You Less'. This will be the usual alienation / disaffection / messed up modern character stuff I've been writing about for the last half-decade on London Preppy and in Exit Through The Wound

b) Country guide to Greece. Not a travel guide, but more country / cultural guide, scrutinising the people in the country and their behaviour. This will be non-fiction and unfortunately it will also be bitter and twisted and from the perspective of someone with severe personality disorders like everything else I write :-( I guess the end goal is to be banned from ever going back there. Not really, I just think it will be quite funny

c) Same as (b) but for the USA

The Greece one has been building up inside me for the last, say, 31 years and inspiration for the USA one has been increasing via having an American partner and having visited the country five times over the last couple of years. What can I say, I love it there, but there is also a lot of 'whaaaaaah' and I've got to put it down somewhere. It's just not fair if I don't.

I accept any large commissions / free flights / chocolates and other treats that will help me write the above whilst also having a full-time job.

Thanks, bye.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Friday 23/12/11

Maine Hudson, Chapter 40 of Exit Through The Wound:

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tuesday 13/12/11

First this:

And, I guess, a reminder of this (in two days):

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Thursday 01/12/11

When people post 'end of year' lists, they frequently comment: 'this didn't seem like a great year for music, but looking back on my list now, oh my God, it was actually pretty amazing.' And although I love a good old cliche, unfortunately I can't use this one. For me there were a handful of brilliant albums and songs (between which I couldn't decide for my absolute favourite in each category) but overall I probably was left a little wanting. All through the year it felt like something fantastic was round the corner, but it never really came. I mean, I still got four, five albums that I absolutely love, but I guess I'm greedy and I wanted more.

Overall, as a year for music I'd score 2011 with a 7/10. I'd even give 2011 a pat on the back, but that's it. I would't grab 2011 and make out with it, nor would I rape it on a dark side-street in the pouring rain raging with desire. That is not the kind of risk that I would be willing to take for 2011.

Anyway, I've split my lists into two this year (electronic vs indie) to avoid ending up with a schizophrenic Top 50 where we have Mr Oizo next to Bon Iver.

And after all this chat, here's everything.

Top 15 Albums (Electronic)

Joint 1 (and I know this is cheating). Biophilia - Bjork / Safari Disco Club - Yelle

I'm sorry, but I can't decide between those two. Bjork is someone I've loved since I was 13 and obviously means a lot to me regardless, but still manages to put out an album that is special and unique and I've listened to endlessly. Yelle has given me so much pleasure this year, from listening to the songs, to seeing the guys live a couple of times and meeting them and generally reminding me what it's like to be young and fall for a band and be excited by it. So they're both no.1, Bjork for the 31-year-old me and Yelle for the 16-year-old that's buried somewhere in there, underneath all the trauma. (I over-thought this, didn't I?)

3. Arabian Horse - Gus Gus
4. Wolfram - Wolfram
5. In The Grace Of Your Love - The Rapture
6. The Sea Of Memories - Pallers
7. USA - Surkin
8. Total - SebastiAn
9. Holy Ghost! - Holy Ghost!
10. Stade 2 - Mr Oizo
11. Within And Without - Washed Out
12. You Are All I See - Active Child
13. Zonoscope - Cut Copy
14. House Of Balloons - The Weeknd
15. Part IV - Fred Falke

Top 10 Albums (Indie/Rock)

1. Bon Iver - Bon Iver
2. England Keep My Bones - Frank Turner
3. Black Rainbows - Brett Anderson
4. Hurry Up, We're Dreaming - M83
5. Cults - Cults
6. Go Tell Fire To The Mountain - Wu Lyf
7. Pala - Friendly Fires
8. Funny Looking Angels - Smith And Burrows
9. Belong - The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
10. Strange Mercy - St Vincent

Top 25 Songs (Electronic)

1. With you (ft Alexis Taylor) - Carte Blanche
2. How deep is your love? - The Rapture
3. Mutual core - Bjork
4. Crystalline - Bjork
5. Crystalline (Omar Souleyman remix) - Bjork
6. Que veux-tu - Yelle
7. I need you now - Surkin
8. Hanging on - Active Child
9. High for this - The Weeknd
10. Dial my number - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
11. Within you - Gus Gus
12. Jealousy - Tepr
13. Warm in the winter - Glass Candy
14. Helix - Justice
15. Reckless (with your love) - Azari & III
16. Crazy for you (ft Annie) - Designer Drugs
17. Come back to me - The Rapture
18. Humdrum - Pallers
19. Another day - Chris Malinchak
20. Banana ripple - Junior Boys
21. Norway (ft Sebastian) - Wolfram
22. S'etaint le soleil - Yelle
23. Arabest - SebastiAn
24. Battle axe - Tepr
25. Panutup - Diskjokke

Top 25 Songs (Indie/Rock)

1. Redemption - Frank Turner
2. Unsung - Brett Anderson
3. Blue jeans - Lana Del Rey
4. Beth / Rest - Bon Iver
5. Abducted - Cults
6. Holocene - Bon Iver
7. Calgary - Bon Iver
8. One foot before the other - Frank Turner
9. Video games - Lana Del Rey
10. We bros - Wu Lyf
11. I am disappeared - Frank Turner
12. Brittle heart - Brett Anderson
13. Steve McQueen - M83
14. Not love - Babybird
15. When the Thames froze -Smith And Burrows
16. Oh my heart - R.E.M.
17. You are a tourist - Death Cab For Cutie
18. Towers - Bon Iver
19. Cruel - St Vincent
20. Belong - The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
21. Never saw the point - Cults
22. To the alps - Princeton
23. Vomit - Girls
24. L Y F - Wu Lyf
25. Exile vilify - The National

Top 5 Remixes

1. High for this (Flufftronix remix) - The Weeknd
2. How deep is your love (A Trak remix) - The Rapture
3. I <3 u so (Skream remix) - Cassius
4. Midnight city (Trentemoller remix) - M83
5. I follow rivers (The Magician remix) - Lykke Li

I would link to each song and maybe put album covers in there too, but to be honest a) I don't have the strength and b) no one cares really, so let's leave it here.