Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tuesday 18/10/11

Well here's a Time Out interview from, um, this week's Time Out magazine.

Link's coming up, it's coming up, it's coming up...it's dare.

In this interview we discuss:

How the blog started
Ma book
Bret Easton ELOLis
'The Greeks'


Fresco said...

My favourite line from this interview is: “I'm not sure anyone writes blogs anymore. It's almost vintage.”

London Preppy said...

fresco: Ha, yes. I mean REALLY who writes a blog these days eh [wink, etc]

Axxaxxin said...

FINALLY! I re-found your blog! I found it many months ago and fell in love with it. My life got crazy busy and I was not able to get back to it. I forgot the name of your blog and your name as well. I went to my history to find your URL and someone just happened to of deleted the history. I was furious!

I have looked for months. T_T

But I have found it again! And I am so happy! Cheers North London! :) I will be an active reader of yours!