Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday 23/10/11

These are my favourite songs from the last couple of months aka Songs of 2k11 Part 5 (Sep-Oct). Links to listen, where available.

Songs from previous months here:

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And so, this time:

1. Mutual core - Bjork

Well done, Bjork

2. Blue jeans - Lana Del Rey

I can see this going very wrong very quickly and I expect that I'll pretend I don't know / like this person within a matter of days [via Robyn] but for now, these couple of songs are good; almost as good as the lips

3. Humdrum - Pallers

This is a great album, say, if you liked Gus Gus this year too

4. Video games - Lana Del Rey

See point 2 above

5. Sacrifice - Bjork

<3 Bjorky

6. Helix - Justice

Kinda crappy album with way too strong soft-rock / 70s influence for my liking, but at least we got Helix out of it

7. Wicked - Pallers

I like this bit of the Pitchfork review of this album: "Not only is Pallers' music exquisitely beholden to the 1980s, the duo's songs are also lyrically obsessed with gazing backwards. In their melancholic Scandinavian way, Pallers find a way to ache about every kind of reminiscence. They can conjure up an old mistake or missed opportunity and wallow in regret, yet just as easily fixate on a moment of bliss from the past and then mourn the fact that it's gone."

8. Hanging on (white sea remix) - Active Child

This is a remix of the best Active Child song that appears as a bonus track on the album and it makes the song more 'dramatic', if you're into that sort of thing

9. Ace of Hz - Ladytron

This came out ages ago, but I heard it as part of the album now and just decided that I like it

10. Steve McQueen - M83

I can't pretend I've listened to the M83 album in full, because it's too long and I've got many other things to do (twitter won't refresh itself obsessively) but I have heard this track and it is quite good, so there we go

11. Virus - Bjork [can't find link]

Be patient. You'll like it in the end

12. Shake - The Whip

I like this, but I also don't quite see how it contributes anything to the year 2k11

13. Audio, video, disco (para one remix) - Justice

I guess this remix is a bit more shebangsthedrums than the original, which is an improvement

14. Mirage- Ladytron

I like some of the new Ladytron album, but overall it suffers from the usual dreamy / up-in-the-clouds production that Ladytron albums have suffered from since 2005 :-(

15. Cruel - St. Vincent

I'm told that this has a good video too, but I suspect there's violence in it and I just don't want to watch it

16. Everything to me (christian strobe remix) - Lips

I don't know where this came from, some blog somewhere, and I guess it's good enough to occupy position 16 in part 5 of the best songs of 2k11 [via scraping the bottom of the barrel]

17. How deep is your love (A Trak remix) - The Rapture

I love this song too much and most likely all the remixes that will happen of it

18. So close to paradise - Elite Gymnastics

Riding chill waves [via added breakbeat]

And I'm so, so sorry that I have to add the following three songs, but I just can't help it. You can listen to all the Biophilia album tracks and M83 remixes you can handle, but sometimes only a cheap pop song with dated beats can make you happy :-(


All fired up - The Saturdays

The Saturdays have probably been going for five years or something, but this is the first song / video of theirs of hears / seen, and I'm happy to leave it that way tbh

Play with me - Eleni Foureira

You must watch the 'performance' while listening to this, otherwise there is no point. This woman is a completely slutty predator type, who will strut up to you wearing a leotard and high heels, fuck you, rip your head off and walk away. I don't know why this makes me so attracted to her. It's probably a good thing I'm not into women, because I if I were I would only going after women like this, which would result in eternal unhappiness.

Break me - Nicko

Greek Justin TimberLOLake with subpar Black Eyed Peas beats from three years ago. Which part of this description doesn't make you want to listen to it?

Bye now

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