Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wednesday 14/09/11

Dear London Preppy reader, have you bought / read Exit Through The Wound? What did you think?


Wyler said...

Although I've heard rumblings that "Exit" is arriving at some addresses in the US, it hasn't found it's way to fly-over country yet. Can't wait any longer. What am I to do?

London Preppy said...

wyler: I would recommend building up your expectations and hopes to the state of a complete frenzy, so that when the product final arrives, you have nothing but disappointment to be faced with.

That's what I'd do anyway

kim said...

I had attempted to build my excitement levels beyond all possible belief with the pending arrival of "ETTW", however completely forgot about it until the delivery person put it in my hand this morning, catching me totally off-guard. As a result, my reaction was less than Hollywood.