Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thursday 22/09/11

Regardless of how things go with Exit Through The Wound (which is out now and you should go buy it, obviously) I think I will start working on a second novel in January next year. I have an idea in my head, which I'm obviously not going to get into, but I also have a title. I'm going to post the title here now, so that it's mine and mine only. Forever.

My second book will be called:

I'll Always Love You Less


Alpha Omega said...

Just got my book in the mail today and already 100 pages in. Great job so far and can't wait to finish it!

Put the money to good use and write another damn good book! Plus get a camera that doesn't take pictures with red bars in it.

Thanks for everything!

Tobyabe said...

Very good book. Only half way through it and enjoying it. Well done :-)

London Preppy said...

Thanks so much, guys