Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday 04/09/11

These are my favourite songs from the last two months. This endeavour is also known as Best of 2k11 - Part 4 (July/August). There might be some leftover songs from previous months that have grown on me. SORRY

I have posted clickable links for all the songs on YouTube.

"Björk with a taste of Asia Minor? What could be better for someone like you?" said my Lamestreamr Boyfriend. And he was right (for once)

2. Unsung - Brett Anderson

This is the first track on Brett's fourth solo album and most probably the first good song he's released as a solo artist

3. How deep is your love - The Rapture

I don't trust people who don't like this song

4. Crystalline -

Yes, the original Crystalline is also great. Which is more than can be said about the other Biophilia songs I've heard so far :-(

5. Jealousy - Tepr [Sorry, I can't find this on YouTube. I don't think enough people care]

Best Tepr song EVAH

6. Over - GusGus

This is a great album and I only discovered it, like, three weeks ago even though it probably leaked back in March. I'm so embarrassed

7. Come back to me - The Rapture

I don't know what the deal is halfway through the song when you think it's finished and then comes back worse, but anyway the first part is good enough to place the song here

8. Brittle heart - Brett Anderson

Well this is quite good, I guess

I should probably give the Active Child album more of a chance because it sounded quite good when I sped-listened to it, but I haven't had time this weekend as I went to my (straight) best friend's wedding and spent time getting completely drunk and re-enacting the rolling-on-the-floor-in-wedding-dress choreography Madonna did at the 1984 VMAs in front of lots of speechless relatives when the 'wedding DJ' played Like A Virgin

10. To the alps (cinema remix) - Princeton [I couldn't find this remix on YouTube so the link is to the original]

I don't know where I found this entry-level minimum impact blog mp3, but I like it

11. Deep inside - GusGus

More from the GusGus album that I wasn't cool enough to appreciate upon online circulation

12. Midnight city - M83

This is good for now, but perhaps that weird sample/instrument that's repeated throughout will get a bit tedious after a while

13. Within you - GusGus


14. Under your spell - Desire

This sounds completely DIY. But in a good way

15. Far nearer - Jamie xx

I kinda hated this when it first came out two months ago [via loose structure and overuse of steel drums] but it's grown on me. Maybe I've got soft as I've grown older. Maybe I had dreams that got shattered and I gave up a little. Maybe I'm compromising, giving up on every standard I had previously set for myself. But you can't sit there and say you haven't done the same

16. Animalia (Lifelike remix) - Voltaire Twins

A Lifelike remix is a Lifelike remix

17. Sail away - The Rapture

The third best track on The Rapture album

18. Crash about to happen - Brett Anderson

The third best track on the Brett Anderson album

19. Echoes - Washed Out

The whole Washed Out album is very good. I guess I can't tell the songs apart though, so here's one chosen at random

Bye now


The Boyfriend said...
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The Boyfriend said...

Amazing choices. Start a music blog. Now <3
Boyfriend Magazine

Fresco said...

I’m starting to like this GusGus too

And I hope you controlled yourself at your best friend’s wedding and didn’t perform the routine of ‘Like a prayer’ where Madonna throws herself on the church floor like a possessed.