Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wednesday 13/07/11

The dedication and acknowledgements for Exit Through The Wound are as follows:

To Llwyd and Carrie


Danny for having no social life while I was writing and for inspiration. Mum and Dad for letting me do what I want, most of the time. Elina for unbounded sibling support. Neil for writing a blurb that summed up the novel much better than my failed attempts. Richard for proof-reading my manuscript before anyone else had seen it. Dean for being second. Will for being a sounding board for my half-formed ideas and variably successful jokes. Paul for discovering me and turning me from a blogger to a published author. Bobby for facilitating this and believing in me. Andy for all the help and communication. The five people I consider to be my best friends. Most of all, London Preppy readers for creating the momentum that helped this book become a reality.


underduhrainbows said...

Excited to read it.

expattwat said...

Beyond excited... I hope it gets through Singapore customs!