Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Tuesday 28/06/11

I've never been associated with an artist more in my life than I have with Bjork. Debut came out when I was 13 and I don't remember how or why I came across it, but I know for sure that I spent my remaining teenage years utterly sucked in. I know that most people who have visited this blog associate London Preppy with Ellis, but let me tell you, in pre-internet life back in the 90s I sure fucked off enough people with a different obsession.

My first concert ever was Bjork in 1995, a fact that I'm still immensely proud off, enough to start 'oh, so what was the first gig you ever went to' conversations with anyone I want to victimise. Because they sure ain't gonna top that.

My favourite Bjork moment remains her walk up to the stage after winning Best Female at the '95 European MTV Awards. Look how she stumbles out of her seat when her name (or something close to her name anyway) is read out. Look how she pauses and blocks her ears, partly trying to take the moment in, party trying to tune everything out - most likely the voices in her head, which I'm sure are always there.

There's less scope for pop obsession in one's 20s and 30s, but even a couple of years ago when I decided to get some lyrics tattooed on my body I went back and drew from Bjork, leaving me with the hilariously apt etching of ARMY OF ME on, erm, my right arm.

I think the most telling moment of how much I loved her and her music as I was growing up came two years ago when I was setting up a new surround sound speaker system in my living room with my Dad. Once connected we both stood in the middle of the room and I started playing Pagan Poetry very loudly. A few second into the song (and try to think of a better song to test clarity of sound if you can) my Dad said 'is this Bjork?' And for a 60-something year old from Greece who's never really had an interest in music, never owned a record, to recognise a voice in a song that came out half a decade after I moved out of home...well, both I in my teenage years and Bjork must have been doing something right.

The new song, Crystaline, makes me so happy to have this story to share. No one like her ever again.


X-STaTIC PRO=CeSS said...

poly wraio post!etsi niwthw ki egw gia ti bjork. tin agapaw poly kai xairomai poy epestrepse! thymamai akoma to prwto kollima me to big time sensuality kapoy ekei sta 13 moy ki egw. kathomoyn kai to xazeya opote to petyxaina stin tv!thymamai kai toys prwtognwroys gia mena periergoys ixoys twn kommatiwn tis otan anakalypta ti moysiki tis agorazontas ta cds tis kai ksefylliza ta booklets. to 93 i 94 poy irthe gia prwti fora stin ellada ithela na paw alla imoyn mikros. tin eida omws to 2008 poy ksanairthe ki eixa meinei afwnos! apisteyti!:)

thebewlaybrother said...

Lovely anecdote about your Dad!

My one and only experience of Bjork live was a few years ago at the Hammersmith Apollo when she was doing the 'Pagan Poetry' tour. One of the best live performances I've ever seen...

She's touring again at the moment - can't wait to see her again.