Thursday, 16 June 2011

Thursday 16/06/11

These are my favourite songs from the last two months. This endeavour is also known as Best of 2k11 - Part 3 (May/June). I might even write a little comment for each one.

(I have posted clickable links for the songs that I could find on YouTube)

1. Redemption - Frank Turner > Well this is amazing, plus it namechecks Bruce Springsteen in the first verse, so I don't know how you can ask for more than that to be honest. It seems to me that you're just being deliberately difficult. In other news, Frank Turner has the skinniest arms on the planet. It's quite scary actually

2. All for you (ft Didi Bruckmayr) - Wolfram > This is a Japan-only bonus track on the Wolfram album. It appears to be impossible to find on the internet, even just to listen. Go and make some Japanese friends. It's worth it. Also, this person is Austrian. AUSTRIAN

4. Beth/Rest - Bon Iver > This is the most un-Bon Iver song in his catalogue and I'm sure most Bon Iver fans hate it, but they are probably stupid and too young and they weren't around in the 80s

5. Dial my number - Sophie Ellis-Bextor > I have a Sophie Ellis-Bextor fetish, I'm really sorry

6. Calgary - Bon Iver > This Bon Iver single has the worst video of the year so far and I'm currently awaiting an apology from Bon Iver himself [via twitter]. It appears to have been inspired by Gap commercials from the beginning of the last decade and Twilight. An embarrassment for everyone involved. Nice song though

7. Abducted - Cults > I wish that somebody would break my heart so I could listen to this in a more meaningful way. Unfortunately, when you're permanently alone such opportunities are limited

8. Bronx Brooklyn Queens - Carte Blanche > I would play this song if I were a DJ, but only near the end of the night when everyone's passing out on ketamine

9. Battle axe - Tepr > I <3 Tepr

10. Arabest - SebastiAn > I don't know how these French ppl keep coming up with the best music

11. Taken by a stranger - Lena > Yes, this is the German Eurovision entry. I've always liked this girl, but I was watching some pre-Eurovision show (because I'm obsessed) and someone was interviewing her and she said that fans can go up to her and talk to her if they want, but they are not allowed to touch her. And I fell in love. Thankfully, Lena raped me with her eyes when she was on stage performing the song in the final and I didn't have to deal with another case of unrequited passion

12. One foot before the other - Frank Turner > Best lyrics of the year so far and the third song on the list to mention 'blood'

13. Another day - Chris Malinchak > Some ramdom blog mp3 that no one's heard about but it's really good

14. Love in motion (ft Mayer Hawthorne) - SebastiAn > I have a friend who thinks the vocals in this song are 'very sexie', and perhaps he'd be most sexually content in a sanatorium in Switzerland in 1923 taking care of tuberculosis patients

15. Never saw the point - Cults > This is quite summery, I guess, if you live in a country that has seasons and stuff. I don't :-(

16. You are a tourist - Death Cab For Cutie > This is quite good in an 'indie dad' kind of way

17. Blue cassette - Friendly Fires > Again, summery

18. 2 hearts - Digitalism > Huh. More German ppl. Isn't Europe fucking great for music? Yes, it is

19. Dead or alive - Yuksek > Oh look, more French ppl

20. What about my dreams? - Kati Wolf > This is the Hungarian Eurovision entry and I better move along quickly before I realise that I've included it here

21. Pumped up kicks - Foster The People > 'My jam of the summer, y'all' -A lamestreamer

And finally, since we're halfway through the year and all, here are my Top 10 albums of 2k11 so far:

1. Safari Disco Club - Yelle

2. Wolfram - Wolfram

3. Bon Iver - Bon Iver

4. England Keep My Bones - Frank Turner

5. Zonoscope - Cut Copy

6. Total - SebastiAn

7. Cults - Cults

8. Pala - Friendly Fires

9. House Of Balloons - The Weeknd

10. Holy Ghost! - Holy Ghost!


fuzzy logic said...

Dear god man, can we get some vague variety between your different streams? At least some vague nudity as a teaser or something? This is no way to treat your ardent fans

writersblokc said...

I think Frank Turner is not on number 1 by accident. It's the only track I heard more than once and it's striking the way it changes from mellow to fierce both musically and vocally. Sophie Ellis-Bextor sounds quite good actually, reminded me of box light dance floors for some reason. Same goes for Bronx Brooklyn Queens; I went to this warehouse party in Shoreditch last night and this would have been amazing to have danced to.
Kati Wolf on the other hand... :/

London Preppy said...

fuzzy: For 'vague' nudity, you should be checking tumblr, shouldn't you?

writer's: It was a great couple of months actually. I'd been disappointed with the year up to now. Kati Wolf is the ultimate guilty pleasure though

Fresco said...

I love going through your favourite songs lists.

Like # 13 very much and it’s funny to see some Eurotrash amongst all the coolness: # 20 was my favourite ESC entry and apart from # 5 I also like ‘Starlight’ from Lady Bexy’s latest album.

Regarding previous post: is the expression ‘break a leg’ also used in writers circles?

London Preppy said...

fresco: I'm not sure if it is, but I'll take it. Thank you

devon said...

Another great List! Thanks

W said...

surely this should have made the list?

neuroticnotes said...

My inner list geek loves these posts that you do.

My favourites from your list are definitely #14 and #15. I, too, find that #14 has a certain je ne sais quoi...but I think that the sound is very Prince inspired, no?

I'd never heard of either Cults or SebastiAN so I'm very happy to have more stuff to be checking out.

In other news, you're spot on with the 'indie dad' comment - had no idea why you said that until I saw the video. It's this kind of astute commentary that makes you the writer and me the reader ;)

Also, I have to agree that I don't like Beth/Rest at all despite loving the rest of the album. The opening sounds like an MJ number (which isn't bad at all but is in this context). Having said that, it may grow on me - I only really came to love 'Woods' after Kanye reminded me of it again.

Keep up the good work! x

London Preppy said...

Always < 3 @ Devon, of course

w: I've never seen / heard this before but I'll leave out any comments about how many of the ppl featured I know in real life, because it will only reinforce your idea of me

neurotic: Glad you liked it. Obviously half the point of making a list is the list-making itself

Lust For Life said...

I'm happy about your number 1 album. And 'Pumped up kicks' is my jam yo.
Also, Frank Turner is on every playlist I have at the moment, so there.