Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wednesday 11/05/11

And on Tuesday afternoon I have an email conversation with A Girl and this email conversation goes a little something like this.

A Girl (from an undisclosed location in California): 'When do I get an advance copy of your novel? I think you could do a west coast book tour at some point. I can attempt any pre-PR work as needed.'

Me: 'The earliest I'll have a copy of the book in my hands will be mid July. I'll make sure to post one first thing. Oh my God, I would love a book tour on the west coast. It's not happening, obviously, but my publisher tells me that approximately 50% of my pre-orders come from California. But what's 50% of 3, really? Please intensify your PR efforts.'

A Girl: '50% from California, how interesting. Perhaps I randomly leave a copy or two in areas which I consider high traffic interest for your novel. Of course I would make it look like it was seriously missed and read-through, carried everywhere (literally could not put it down), dog-ear the pages, perhaps leave a bookmark close to the end and a personal note on the inside cover that reads something like "Happy 29th Birthday Stephen - You must read this book, can't put it into words. xx- Yours, J"'

(A Girl was the real star of this blog, no?)


Tim in the City of Angles said...

That's brilliant! You know, I could do the same thing here in Atlanta. Leave a couple around Midtown, maybe even one in Piedmont Park, around in the bushes where the boys go to play in the summer... maybe next to a pair of handcuffs?

Well, something to think about, anyway.

george said...

yes she was the star but you were the wing beneath her wings

george said...

yes she was the star but you were the wind beneath her wings

Sam said...

How can I go about pre-ordering A Girl's book?

London Preppy said...

tim: Definitely an option. Let's plan this

george: [via Bette Midler]

sam: Tell me about it. I asked her today whether she's thought of writing one and she said 'often when I'm drunk'. Which is very often. This might happen