Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tuesday 15/03/11

I emailed a friend today and asked him what he's reading and he wrote back with a link for this book called ___ by a writer called ___. I looked it up and it turned out he was an English writer and this was his first novel and it just came out. Then I looked up the writer on facebook - we have two friends in common - and found his profile and emailed my friend and said:

I looked up ___ on facebook. His profile picture is a tiny blurry shot of the back of his head. How do these people expect to sell any books?

And my friend - who's a bit of a lit snob - wrote back quite facetiously:

I don't know, perhaps they believe it will sell based on content 'LOL'

And I said:

Yes, in the year 2011 when no one buys anything printed on paper anymore and despite this, still, hundreds of thousands of new titles come out each year, I'm going to sit there and hope that my book sells 'based on content'. HA. I operated on a specific policy during the London Preppy days, which was 'come for the pictures, stay for the words' and it worked very well, thank you, M.

Then I came home and I put this together, because I kinda think that Exit Through The Wound is pretty good (though I find it embarrassing to state anything like this), but I also appreciate the highly ridiculous in life and I don't think this will ever go away.



Boy in Black Scrubs said...

I like how your main character, i.e. you, is named Maine.

Anonymous said...

Too much cotton.

Salacious sells.

How about the world's first naked book tour?

Nathan said...

Was this picture intended to make Guy look bad?

London Preppy said...

boy: Like every writer ever, I have to state - the book is not autobiographical. Like, not at all

anon: You clearly have a mind for business. Can you be my publicist?

nathan: No :-(

Anonymous said...

Guy looks hot

London Preppy said...

anon: That's Guy's role in the book. He's 'a model'. We don't like him

Anonymous said...

LP, you need to change your pic. This picture didn't do you justice. Sadie and Guy have flat abs and yours doesn't look right from this angle. by the way, your arms and chests are insane, i am so motivated.

London Preppy said...

anon: You mean you don't like my stomach implants??? $12,000 that cost me, in Brazil

X-STaTIC PRO=CeSS said...

HAH! anonymous you must be kiddιng :)
there are men who would kill to have preppy's body and you stuck οn this little detail :p
london preppy eimai neos stin parea....nice to meet you

London Preppy said...

De variesai vre X-static process...oti thelei vlepei kathenas :-)

X-STaTIC PRO=CeSS said...

ayto na moy peis.....btw, endiaferoysa i istoria :)