Friday, 25 March 2011

Friday 25/03/11

You know how books sometimes have a quotation right at the beginning, before the actual story starts? From another book, or a poem, or a song, or some really smart person of some sort? The quote that I want to get is from a Sylvia Plath poem called Pursuit and it’s this:

‘I hurl my heart to halt his pace,
To quench his thirst I squander blood;
He eats, and still his need seeks food,
Compels a total sacrifice.’

I’m not sure if I will get it yet, because you need approval and stuff like that (and Sylvia Plath is, apparently, one of the most requested poets, probably because she’s well known and attracts people like me who are not actually really interested in poetry and have only read one poetry book in their lives), but in any case, if you buy my book please imagine it there at the very beginning. Thanks.


kim said...

if you don't get permission to use it, during your book-signing, would you write it in for me?

London Preppy said...

kim: That sounds like a fair deal to be honest

Shaun said...

The extract from your novel popped up in my Google Reader, but it seems to have disappeared from your blog (I came looking for the pre-order link).

At any rate, I read it and enjoyed it. Well done on finishing your novel and getting it out there. Best of luck with it.

London Preppy said...

Hi Shaun, yes, I messed up a bit and accidentally posted that as I was putting it together (I'm supposed to put it online tomorrow). So I quickly deleted it, but I suppose it stayed on Reader. Back online tomorrow.

Thanks very much for the comments too