Sunday, 27 March 2011

Exit Through The Wound first extract & Pre-order info

Right, so Exit Through The Wound is out to buy in the shops / Amazon on the 8th September. Pre-ordering directly from the publisher, Glasshouse Books, below means you get it in advance (some time in August) and at a lower price. Why wouldn't you, hmm?

If you think I'm really bad at this 'selling' business, you should see me do a reading. I read to the floor. In fact, you should come and see me do a reading later in the year, and if I do look up and make eye contact with anyone at any point, they'll win a prize.

Anyway, yes, please buy the book. If you like me you have the added benefit of making me happy and if you don't like me, well, the quicker you buy the book the quicker I'll disappear and you'll never hear from me again. Win-win.

After the links, you can find the first extract from the novel.

For delivery in the UK (£6 + £2.50 p&p):

For delivery in Europe (£6 + £3.50 p&p):

For delivery outside Europe (£6 + £4.50 p&p):

Here's the beginning of the book. An earlier version of this piece appeared on the blog briefly. It was the first thing I wrote that made me think *oh*. Maybe I could write a longer story.

Here goes.


During that summer in California, I wore shorts and t-shirts a lot. I watched boys measure steroids in the next room at the place where I was staying. Buy and sell them and measure steroids. I played Blur, mainly ‘For Tomorrow’ – I must have heard this song at least a hundred times in those few weeks. During that summer I decided to stop shaving and to grow my hair. I took long walks on my own, well, what meant to be long walks but I always came back within half an hour. I kissed several girls; I’ve lost count exactly how many. One night that summer I went to the local shop wearing what I thought was a solemn face and a hooded top and shorts and old deck shoes, and I wanted the strangers that I came across to say that I’m down. I bought two cans of Coke but the guy at the till mustn’t have been paying attention and he didn’t notice the sadness in my style and instead he read ‘Ralph Lauren’ back at me from my hooded top and he smiled. During that summer I finished reading several books, none of which were new, all of which I had read before. I let a stranger jerk me off in a car park and I tried to learn the lyrics to a Hole album, though I forget most of them now. I went to parties about every weekend, some of which I was invited to. During that summer I spent most of the time worrying that I wasn’t 16 and I would never be again. I decided that I should never read books more than once, because I’m running out of time and there are too many books that I still want to get through. That summer my best friend told me over the phone that I would never find love, I would never be happy in a relationship. I snapped back – thoughtlessly – that I’ll find many relationships and he said: ‘exactly’. I hung out with many prostitutes, some of whom were open to me about it and some of whom weren’t, and for those ones that weren’t, I pretended that I didn’t know. Early that summer I found my favourite spot in the city, some park bench overlooking downtown LA, and sat there alone on several occasions, watching the view and planning to bring somebody I cared for to sit there with me one late evening before I left the city. For one reason or another, this never actually happened. I lost a lot of weight again, mainly because I usually forgot to eat, plus I never worked out anymore, and I went to a lot of concerts; I paid for most of them. I went out to several clubs and I kept taking drugs, yet more ferociously than before, though I always turned it down when somebody offered me Es or MDMA on some dancefloor somewhere, regardless of how fucked I was on GBL or GHB or ketamine or coke, because I never wanted to feel euphoric, ecstatic, happy. These were still dirty words. It was a Sunday morning in a club during that summer when some guy walked up to me and told me that I looked perfect, then asked me to close my eyes. When I did, he kissed each of my eyelids softly and went away. I didn’t react to this but it made me think of my Father for some reason and I felt sorry for him. Sorry for having me as a son. During that summer it got really hot and it reminded me of summers in Greece when I was growing up, and that usually made me more upset because thinking of a wasted youth and the passing of time is the quickest way to kill my spirit. I drove into the desert several times, usually in the evening, taking girls with me that I was dating at the time. We’d park on the side of the road, leave the music on in the car and sit on the red, dusty rocks surrounded by darkness. On a few occasions other cars sped by, filled with drunken young boys who would yell out of the windows as they drove past. All those times I kept quiet. During that summer I tried to cut out sedatives for the first time, but that only meant reducing my Valium dosage to 10mg every 48 hours or so. It was years later that I was able to sleep consistently every night without any pills. During that summer I lay in the park every other day and got sunburnt and although I could have done this with friends, I usually did it alone. During that summer I realised that I would never live to see my late 30s, because this existence isn’t sustainable really, no one can survive it, but that didn’t upset me, it didn’t bother me that much and I decided to be practical instead, so I started making lists of things I wanted my friends to do after I wouldn’t be around anymore. During that summer, I started researching jobs that I would never apply for, ate lots of cheap ice cream and shot up for the first time.


abristolnovella said...

So when am/how am I getting my signed first ed. have you noticed ABN has temps fallen off the face of the earth? Im not sad. Are you sad?

London Preppy said...

abristolnovella: Whenever I see you next. I kinda think you're the only one who can help this (the ABN thing)

Wyler said...

Have ordered book tonight and am anxioulsy waiting its arrival. I know that when you were blogging every day, it became a kind of enslavement, but is it really so great having your life back and don't you miss your avid readers? We miss you.

AlwaysReadySF said...

So are you going to do a reading in California? I can't wait to see you read to the floor :-)

London Preppy said...

wyler: Thanks for ordering [exclamation mark]. Ha, I do miss blogging on some level, but I kinda think 'not blogging' is better for my mental health. And that's precarious as it is

alwaysready: I would LOVE to do a reading in LA, but the real question is - who's gonna have me, and who would turn up (the answer to both being 'no one')

London Preppy said...

Sorry, I meant California, not just LA in particular

AlwaysReadySF said...

I bet that your blog had a pretty wide readers base...maybe you can do a poll.
Also, if between now and when the book gets published you manage to get on the cover of Out Magazine, I think the attendance might definitely increase :-)
As a last option, you could always have the reading recorded and posted it on here. You could even wear a red band over your eyes to make it more realistic.

AlwaysReadySF said...

Oh and, btw, I ordered the book.

Anonymous said...

Good first read London Preppy, think I'm it autobiographical??

London Preppy said...

always: Yeah in terms of blog readers I know that California is way up there. I like all your ideas, you know, fancy a publicist job?

And thanks for ordering

anon: Thank you. I wouldn't exactly call it autobiographical. There is one thing that I've written about that happened to me (I don't think I'm giving too much away by saying it's the neurological condition the main character develops), but even that is more 'inspired from' rather than an accurate description of events as they happened

Fresco said...

I'm glad your book is already available at the beginning of August. It means I can take it with me on my holiday to Greece. Somehow I feel it's apt to read your book in Greece. I'll kind of bring you home. Later I'll be able to say: 'during that summer in Greece, I read 'Exit through the wound'

All the best with the book launch

AlwaysReadySF said...

I never thought of a career in publicity but hey, for the right offer I might be swayed.
And no, I will not take 1000 copies of your book as a form of payment.

Oldyeller said...

Unique and absorbing beginning; I've ordered my copy. I imagine the readings, at least at first, must have been very nerve-wracking for you. But a necessary evil I guess for budding writers. I hope you do a reading in D.C.

Rogue said...

Must be exciting...nearly April already, not long to go.

London Preppy said...

fresco: I want you to say that too. I'm so glad ppl like you read my blog who 'get it' and say the same things I'd want to say

always: Ha, it's either giving them to you or having them pulped

oldy: Thanks v much for ordering. And yes please to DC

rogue: Exciting is a word. Of many

Rogue said...

Don't stress - if you are, that is. Apparently everyone has a book in them but not everyone gets one published - enjoy it.

I should be the one stressing...six months until the nightmare is on the bookshelf. Gotta start 'my preparation'.

Jeffrey said...

I just counted out the mG of Ambien I had left and was wondering, just for fun, if that would be enough to kill me.(turns out it was) Do you think I should wait until I'm in a better state of mind to read your novel?

London Preppy said...

jeffrey: Prolly yes :-(

Though I like the way you think VERY much

Matty said...

I have recently abandoned paper as a medium for reading and only read books electronically. Will it be available on Kindle?

London Preppy said...

Of course, Matty

Alpha Omega said...

Placed my order tonight and looking forward to it in August. Will be great material to take on my cruise through the Med and Greece.

Keep up the great work.