Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday 23/01/11

I'm sorry but I hadn't clicked on any of the blogs on my blog list here on the right for months, maybe decades, and I just did only to realise that most of them had disappeared / closed down / not been updated forever. So I cleared the list.

Obviously what that tells us is that a) blogs are dead (but we knew that anyway) and/or b) most blogs have a lifecycle of about two to three years (again, duh).

Anyway, in the middle of this deserted landscape, there actually is one blog (ugh, even the word 'blog' sounds cringeworthy now, doesn't it?) that I recently discovered and is pretty fucking wonderful.

It's called You Are An Object and contains fantastic images conforming to a very specific, attractive perspective and writing that is, officially, "very very good".

So that's that.


Absolut Hammer said...

In case you're thinking of pulling the plug, I wanted you to know that yours was the only blog I ever really liked anyway.

Shaun said...

Unfortunately all the youngsters have moved over to Tumblr, which is:

90% pornography
5% pictures of cats
1% pictures of Starbucks mugs (yes, really)
1% pictures of Francisco Lachowski
1% gay guys making GIFs quoting Mean Girls
2% content actually worth reading

London Preppy said...

absolut: Aw, well, defunct as it currently is, no I'm not pulling the plug. Let's see what happens when the book comes out first

shaun: I really must be getting old, as I just heard of tumblr for the first time yesterday

Absolut Hammer said...

Good. Then there will still be a market for all this LP fanfiction I wrote.

London Preppy said...

absolut: I've already purchased ( had already gone). You can dump everything there if you want

Anonymous said...

Would you be more likely to properly restart your blog if the book was a success or failure?

London Preppy said...

anon: The blog in the form that it once was? Probably never again is that going to happen. It was ridiculously hard work - I used to write 1,000 words + every day for two years

It's all about random pictures and brief comments now anyway, I hear

As for the book, I don't know what to expect in terms of success or failure. Like, how many copies is success?

Anonymous said...

I thought you might ask me to define a successful book. But unfortunately I have absolutely no clue.

If I was being really cheesy I would say that just being published is a success, which of course it is.

London Preppy said...

anon: I'm definitely very happy with being published, even though I have issues assigning words like 'success' to things that concern me (perhaps I should see a therapist).

From then on, there's a whole new issue of 'expectations'. As in, what do I want to actually get out of this and what difference do I think it will make?

I'm looking forward to finishing it first and then I'll probably think about this more carefully.

I gotta set up some hopes so that I'm crushed later on, you know?

Nathan said...

creme brulee said...

You are an's good but the whole light grey on a white background gives me eye strain after a while. (OK now I feel like the guy everyone later said was Maryln Manson in "the wonder years"...Kevin's mate with glasses...I should google it but can't be arsed)

I'm so gutted that's not a real website!....I saw the url and started salivating at the amount of life I could potentially waste on there..had to just get on wiv me werk instead. sucks.

London Preppy said...

creme: I did EXACTLY the same thing with the website