Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday 23/01/11

I'm sorry but I hadn't clicked on any of the blogs on my blog list here on the right for months, maybe decades, and I just did only to realise that most of them had disappeared / closed down / not been updated forever. So I cleared the list.

Obviously what that tells us is that a) blogs are dead (but we knew that anyway) and/or b) most blogs have a lifecycle of about two to three years (again, duh).

Anyway, in the middle of this deserted landscape, there actually is one blog (ugh, even the word 'blog' sounds cringeworthy now, doesn't it?) that I recently discovered and is pretty fucking wonderful.

It's called You Are An Object and contains fantastic images conforming to a very specific, attractive perspective and writing that is, officially, "very very good".

So that's that.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday 21/01/11

Here's a trivial, relatively entertaining story that just happened and I really really liked and I thought I'd blog it (I can't blog long entries like I used to, because I'm writing the book during the day and I'd rather keep any proper material for that, you understand).

Note for anyone who doesn't know: I changed my name about five years ago from a Greek name to an Anglo-Saxon name. Let's pretend the Greek Name was Yannis Papadopoulos and let's pretend my current Anglo-Saxon Name is Firstname Surname. Firstname Surname is an obscene preppy name that no one in real life is called. I chose it for larfs.

Now that we're all up to speed, the story:

Ages ago my friend Nathan was telling how his boyfriend, Alejandro, had overreacted about something and apparently to this I replied: Oh, it must be the "o" at the end of his name that's causing him to behave like this.

Now I was just sitting at home this evening and I received the following email from Nathan:

"So I just told Friend X how a friend once said 'it must be that o at the end of his name' in relation to Alej's overreaction. He said: 'Firstname?' I said correct. And Friend X replied: 'I suppose with a name that WASP-y overreaction in his family results in the Martini glass being overfilled"

[I should point that I don't know Friend X and he doesn't know me. He must have just seen my name on facebook as a friend of Nathan's]. And Nathan continued to me:

"So I said to Friend X 'Please. He was born Yannis Papadopoulos'. In brief: you have them fooled, Firstname. Well done, well done indeed."

And that was my story. I've never been happier about changing my name. Well, apart from that time when I met Bret Easton Ellis and he asked me what my name was and I said Firstname and he wasn't getting it and then my friend that I was with commented: Your name is so ridiculous that the king of 80s preppy Americans himself couldn't believe it. That was a good day.

So in conclusion, change your names. All of you. It's such fun.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Saturday 08/01/11

So, someone left a comment on the last post saying:

"I'm not sure I can wait till September [for the book]. Can we have some teasers please?"

Well I'm not sure if they were serious or taking the piss, but I'm going to employ my delusion (why not? it's taken me thus far) and assume they were serious and say that yes, there will be teasers and there will be information and outlines and excerpts, etc on here before the book comes out.

And when the cover is decided (which will be within the next few weeks) I'll post it on here and generally I'll try to keep anyone who's interested up to date.

Oh also, sometimes as I'm writing I need a name for a character and because I completely lack imagination and can't think of any, I ask people to tweet me their names (if they want to be written in) and I use those. So keep an eye on that if you want to play along: London Preppy Twitter

Happy 2011. If that's the type of emotion you go for. I'm not here to judge.