Saturday, 27 November 2010

Sunday 28/11/10

These are my lists for 2010:

Top 25 songs (ranked)
Top 15 albums (ranked)
Top 5 remixes (2010 remixes of older songs)
My Top 5 most played songs of 2010 (according to iTunes /
My Top 5 most played albums of 2010 (according to iTunes /

So here they are.

Top 25 songs

1. Body double - Pilotpriest

The full version of this song is over 12 minutes. What you need to do is buy yourself a ticket to LA, get yourself a car, someone that you love (I had all these elements apart from the last one, obvs) and drive into the desert in the middle of the night following Highway 62 listening to this song ON REPEAT. There are some rules: no one is allowed to talk / you can't drive too fast / you have to be a little upset, but nothing major. If you can't arrange for all this to happen - and I do know that I'm asking for a lot - perhaps you can lock yourself in a dark room, lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling. And tell me you don't like it.

2. ADD SUV - Uffie

Trust me, it's as embarrassing for me as it is for you having a song with a rap by Pharrell in the middle as my second favourite of the year. But you know how life is. Bad things just happen and you do your best not to kill yourself each day. On this occasion, the ridiculous production and this lyric ("Valium makes your soul get higher") are enough to make me forgive anything.

3. La musique - Yelle


4. Royal T - Crookers ft Roisin Murphy

Early in the year soon after this song came out, I converted my living room into a dark nightclub that played this on a constant loop. There was no charge for entry and we were open 24 hours. We did some good business.

5. I feel better - Hot Chip

You know what? Listen to this song and sing along and tell me that you're not begging for another "ahaa ahaa" at the very end of the song (like the one at 1:57)

6. XXXO - M.I.A.

I know that you'd rather kill yourself and everyone around you than sign a text message with "x", but since this song came out, it's clear that the rules have changed and you can occasionally sign with "xxxo", in reference.

7. History - Groove Armada

Look, this is a song by Groove Armada and Will Young is singing it, so despite all this bad fortune it must be pretty good to be here, right?

8. Baby I'm yours (Aeroplane remix) - Breakbot

I tried very hard to make this song happen in my summer holiday to ____. It never did [sad face]. There is always next Circuit though.

9. Moon theory - Miami Horror

If you're extremely gay and aren't content with this version of the song, you can always try the Punks Jump Up remix "for some added beat LOLZ"

10. Someone else's bed - Hole

Does anyone like this album? It seems not. Oh well, I do.

11. Thieves - She & Him

Scott refuses to listen to the She & Him album all the way through, because he says she's too whiny. [sad face AGAIN]

12. Cooler Couleur - Crookers ft Yelle

This includes the lyric "dancing with the Crookers in a costume duck" and that's because Yelle is French and must have translated directly from her language, where the adjective follows the noun occasionally. I mean, come on, not even my English is that bad. Poor form.

13. I love u so - Cassius

An iPhone app exists for this song, which I had to delete about 250 pictures on my phone to make space for and then when I downloaded it, it wouldn't work. THANKS CASSIUS

14. Trouble (CFCF remix) - Fabio Lendrum

I liked the CFCF mix of Trouble a lot, I looked him up on facebook because I'm a crazy stalker, I friend requested him because I thought he might be gay and I needed to get in there and have sex with him before he makes it big, sent him a message stating "You're my new obsession" (which is the opening line from Trouble), he ignored both the friend request and my message and now I HATE HIM.

15. White sky (Cecile remix) - Vampire Weekend

Well this is quite fantastic, isn't it? This is what my days in California sound like.

16. The kiss - Pallers

This is one of those things that I find in random blogs and I really like very much, but no one else on the planet probably gives a shit about. But now you do too, so that's fine.

17. Not in love - Crystal Castles ft Robert Smith

I can't think of any amusing anecdotes about this song instantly I'm afraid and it's the last one I have to write about on the list, plus I only slept for two hours last night, so make something up yourself, ta.

18. Momma's place - Roisin Murphy

When this first came out back in January or whatever it was, I was playing it very loud in my living room on a Monday evening, only for my next door neighbour whom I'd never seen before (or since) to knock on my door complaining about the noise. He said he was in bed. It was 2130 in the evening. I was exceptionally happy when I looked at the building plan later and realised that his apartment is exactly half the size of mine. HALF. I hate poor people. They love to moan, don't they?

19. Giving up the gun - Vampire Weekend

The cover of this album features on my my music wall. My music wall is one of the walls in my flat, where I hang up record covers of records that I really like. Hmm, maybe I'll take a picture* of this and include at the end here.

20. Way back home - Bag Raiders

I can't decide whether Bag Raiders are the British Cut Copy or Presets, but they're definitely one of the two. Until someone points out to me that they're not actually British.

21. Stop and stare - Fenech-Soler

I saw Fenech-Soler live earlier in the year, with underwhelming results. Let me count how many of the 25 artists I've seen live now. Hmm, nine. That's OK, I suppose.

22. Dance yrself clean - LCD Soundsystem

Speaking of which, I saw LCD Soundsystem back in April, and it was so bad I nearly went off them for good.

23. Journey - Matt Van Schie

What a pleasant tune. The end.

24. Fan out - Surkin

Don't come complaining to me when somebody offers you poppers on the tube when you start listening to this on your headphones.

25. Nightcall (MMMathias remix) - Kavinsky

I follow Kavinsky on Twitter. Out of 1,190 tweets, I have yet to read one that can be rated more than 0.004% interesting. STICK TO THE DAY JOB, KAVO

Top 15 albums

1. Contra - Vampire Weekend
2. Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans - Uffie
3.One Life Stand - Hot Chip
4. Black Light - Groove Armada
5. Nobody's Daughter - Hole
6. Acolyte - Delphic
7. Volume Two - She & Him
8. Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles
9. This Is Happening - LCD Soundsystem
10. Business Casual - Chromeo
11. Illumination - Miami Horror
12. Bag Raiders - Bag Raiders
13. Tron Legacy O.S.T. - Daft Punk
14. Maintenant - Gigi
15. En Fin Tid - Diskjokke

Top 5 2010 remixes (of songs that came out before 2010) (no particular order)

Skinny love (Das Kapital rerun) - Bon Iver
Fuck the pain away (Skyrunner remix) - Peaches
Hurtful (A Copycat remix) - Erik Hassle
Re:stacks (Tomas Barford remix) - Bon Iver
Sweet disposition (Doorly remix) - The Temper Trap

My most played songs

1. ADD SUV - Uffie (128 plays)
2. XXXO - M.I.A. (127)
3. History - Groove Armada (120)
4. I feel better - Hot Chip (111)
5. Royal T - Crookers ft Roisin Murphy (105)

My most played albums

1. Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans - Uffie (385 plays)
2. One Life Stand - Hot Chip (320)
3. Contra - Vampire Weekend (229)
3. Black Light - Groove Armada (229)
3. Acolyte - Delphic (229)

*The record cover wall I was talking about:

In gold frames, two of my three favourite albums of all time (I haven't found the third one yet). In black frames, everything else.


Absolut Hammer said...

Yelle can be forgiven for bad grammar because she rhymes that line with this marvelous Franglais gem: Tu es le plus cool so what the fuck. She's alright in my book.

Fantastic lists as usual!

London Preppy said...

absolut: Don't get me wrong -that's probably my favourite part of the song lyrically. It shows defiance. She don't care if it's wrong. She dint axe anyone to check it

G said...

thank you sir

and I'd go with "a more-twinkly British Cut Copy"

aside from that whole Aussie thing

Mike said...

1) who invented lists?
2) only second best
3) me love list long time...

thebewlaybrother said...

I saw LCD back in April too (Brixton Academy) - they were great but the sound was atrocious and I was really disappointed.

Saw them again a few weeks ago at Alexandra Palace with Hot Chip. The sound was perfect and both bands were awesome. My affection for James Murphy remains undimmed. He's a star!

London Preppy said...

g: I like your blog. Max

brother: That's when I saw them too. When they played the opening song twice? Killed me

Anonymous said...

Like. With appreciation.

Is Bon Iver cover one that's missing?

London Preppy said...

anon: No, the Bon Iver cover is there - second from left in the top row. The missing album is Dog Man Star by Suede

Astor said...

Hey LP, whatever became of your horrible harassment/stalking problem person? Hope its over now and everything OK as it can be :)

London Preppy said...

astor: All good, thank you

Anonymous said...

J'ai appris des choses interessantes grace a vous, et vous m'avez aide a resoudre un probleme, merci.

- Daniel

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say nice site.