Saturday, 6 November 2010

Saturday 06/11/10

Here's Part 5 of my favourite songs of 2010, covering September / October. Click to listen.

1. Yelle - La musique
2. Cassius - I love u so
3. Hole - Someone else's bed
4. Tepr - Too too too
5. Crystal Castles - Not in love (ft Robert Smith)
6. Gigi - Won't someone tell me
7. Mason - Boadicea (ft Roisin Murphy)
8. Hot Chip - Didn't know what love was (ft Bernard Sumner & Hot City)
9. Belle & Sebastian - I want the world to stop
10. Daft Punk - Derezzed (NTEIBINT remix)
11. Magnetic Man - Getting nowhere (ft John Legend)
12. Paul Weller - No tears to cry
13. Gigi - No, my heart will go on
14. Groove Armada - History (love mix)
15. Chromeo - Hot mess
16. Bag Raiders - Gone away
17. Chromeo - When the night falls
18. Royksopp - I wanna know
19. Bag Raiders - Castles in the air
20. Gold Panda - Greek style
21. Jimmy Eat World - Heart is hard to find
22. Vampire Weekend - White sky (Basement Jaxx remix)
23. Cassius - Les enfants
24. Groove Armada - I won't kneel (White Light version)
25. Tepr - Western funk
26. Houses - Soak it up
27. Maximum Balloon (ft Karen O) - Communion


G said...

greatly appreciated

Fresco said...

Thanks for no. 26 and Gigi

Anonymous said...

Love it when you post these. Thnx. You're cooler than any of my dull-as-paste friends and come to think of it, me as well.

Rake said...

Πάλι καλά που υπάρχεις και εσύ και μας ενημερώνεις για τα μουσικά δρώμενα. :)

Eξαιρετικές μουσικές επιλογές.

ps1 : Σε διαβάζω από πολύ πολύ καιρό πριν αλλά σήμερα είπα τελικά να πω ένα γεια.
ps2 : Σου εύχομαι πολύ καλή επιτυχία για το βιβλίο σου. Μάλλον θα ανήκω σε εκείνους που θα το διαβάζουν...

Πολλά φιλιά από την κρύα πλέον Αθήνα...


London Preppy said...

Thanks to everyone who checks out these songs. In real life I'm the annoying friend who keeps saying 'you have GOT to listen to this', etc.

Xairomai me to comment sou file [smiley]

creme brulee said...

Meant to go throught them all, but went straight to the Belle and Sebastian track and got diverted thinking about how excited I am about seeing them at the Mighty Glasgow Barrowlands this December.

Will be fullfilling a teenage ambition that's been brewing ever since they stole the best newcomer at the Brits in 199(?)8 from S club 7 or some other shit like that!

Heard about them for the first time that night and it led on to checking out songs like this;

No apologies for the cheesy homemade video above-not mine I just found it on youtube..almost fucking cried when I watched it just now, what a fucking song!!!!

Thanks LP!!!

gaymedic said...

Just stumbled upon your blog...don't know how I missed it before! Great read, some fantastic songs there....and good luck with book!

.Gash said...

I'm picking up a Yazoo-Ode to Boy sample in the History remix. Can you hear it whispering?

London Preppy said...

.gash: Well. I did not know this song. But I'm hearing what you're saying now. I like you

Anonymous said...

Have you heard this LP?

London Preppy said...

anon: Yes. I have absolutely no doubt she'll be very big, but I don't quite get it personally