Saturday, 23 October 2010

Saturday 23/10/10

Right, so the story is that I got a deal for my first novel to come out.

That's quite good, isn't it?

If everything goes well and according to plan (and nothing ever does) it will be out in September 2011. There's even a set date, but I'll avoid quoting that at the moment, because there's so much bad luck you can invite in one post. The publisher is Glasshouse Books, who recently put out Boys & Girls, the anthology that contains my first published story.

I don't know how much I can say about the novel at the moment, so I'll say what I want and hope for the best. And by best, I mean the worst.

The title is the same as my short story - Exit Through The Wound. It will be published under my real name.

There is a similar theme to Exit Through The Wound (the short story), even though the main character is a bit different.

Also there is a VERY similar theme to the whole London Preppy blog, so hopefully if you were ever into that, you might also enjoy the novel. Potentially this could be the final London Preppy-related output I produce and having put this character to rest, I could move on to write different stuff. But this is looking too far ahead into the future. At the moment I'm working on the novel, editing material, writing some more stuff, etc.

Yesterday I wrote a blurb for the designer who will be creating the artwork for the cover. I had to sum up the plot / theme of the book to give her a feel for it. Here's what I wrote:

Living in London at the end of the first decade of the 21st century, Maine works a thankless graduate job, takes too many recreational and prescription drugs and spends too much of his wealthy parents’ money. He finds a kindred spirit in Sadie, a rich American girl now living in London with her male model boyfriend, and together they attempt to escape the city’s ennui and find purpose through a lifestyle of decadence and self-indulgence. But with Maine’s controlling family and unfulfilling day-to-day routine showing no signs of abating, is there really a way out?

So yeah, London Preppy with a plot and a girlfriend then.

OK, well that's that, wish me luck and see you on the book tour.

In other shameless plug news, Boys & Girls will be available at WH Smith's soon (in addition to the current retailers, Amazon and the Glasshouse website), plus as an e-book from November.

Finally, I'm writing Exit Through The Wound (the novel) on a strict diet of:

And NOTHING else