Friday, 3 September 2010

Friday 03/09/10

I said that I'd write a clubbing post next, but that's not ready yet, sorry.

In the meantime here's Part 4 of my favourite songs of 2010, covering July / August.

Links to previous parts are:
Part 1 (January / February)
Part 2 (March / April)
Part 3 (May / June)

Anyway, here's Part 4.

Some of these songs haven't been officially released yet, some of them are singles, some are album tracks, some are remixes. Anyway, they're all "out there" and you can find them and listen to them if you want. I've included a link where you can hear each song (just click on them).

1. Always loved a film - Underworld (this is insanely joyful. Obviously I don't recommend this to anyone who enjoys the darker moments of London Preppy)
2. Hang with me - Robyn
3. I look to you - Miami Horror
4. Over the hill - Monika (this came out a couple of years ago maybe, but it's Greek and I only just found out about it, so it counts for 2010)
5. White sky (Cecile remix) - Vampire Weekend

6. Devotion - Hurts (ft Kylie Minogue)
8. If you return - Maximum Balloon (ft Little Dragon)
9. Scribble - Underworld
10. Pacific coast highway - Hole (or Honey - Hole, I can't decide)

11. Not giving up on love (extended version) - Armin Van Bureen (ft Sophie Ellis-Bextor) (this is my token uncool Sophie choice, but I love her and she's the most beautiful woman in the world. Also, I prefer the extended version as I said, but the link is to the radio edit video, where one can enjoy lots of lovely shots of Sophie frolicking around)
12. Love kills - Robyn
13. Pockets (Annie vocal mix) - K-X-P
14. Your wish is my command (CAASINO mix) - Clyde Brown
15. Way back home - Bag Raiders

16. Rosenrod - Diskjokke (it's difficult to pick a song from that album, because it's not exactly single/track driven, but there we go)
17. When your love is safe (Classixx remix) - Active Child
18. Don't turn the lights on (Aeroplane remix) - Chromeo
19. Lies (The Phantom's Revenge remix) - Fenech-Soler
20. Shadows (Jens Lekman remix) - Au Revoir Simone

21. Smoke and mirrors - Ali Love
22. Internet connection - M.I.A.
23. All to all - Broken Social Scene
24. On and ever onward - Dirty Projectors + Bjork
25. The drug - Royksopp
26. Superstar (The Krays remix) - Aeroplane
27. And I'm (so in love with you) - Andrew Butler

Finally, the most disappointing thing I've heard this week is Robyn's cover of Bjork's Hyper-Ballad, but that's not really a reflection on Robyn, it's more further evidence that Bjork is untouchable and should be left alone. By the way, I have a Bjork tattoo apart from the infamous Bret Easton Ellis one. Why doesn't anyone ever go on about me being mental because of that one?


Andy said...

Great selection as always. I'm loving the Robyn tracks. And Hurts, they can do no wrong for me.
However at the moment i'm just overdosing on Uffie. Her album is on repeat, especially enjoy 'Give It Away', 'MCs Can Kiss', and 'First Love'

London Preppy said...

I like the Hurts album more than I thought I would.

I am obsessed with the Uffie album. I have to stop myself listening to it because it's not fair, there is other music out there that deserves time, you know?

Plus I find that her lyrics are quotable always everywhere. Unfortunately when I quote them no one knows what I'm talking about :-(

Andy said...

I know exactly what you mean :)
For all the lyrical fancy that's on Uffie's album, for some reason this is my favourite:
'Manic depressive aggressive
Psycho warps are supersessive
Attention deficit disorder
Handheld casette recorder'

Other music gets a 1:10 ratio with Uffie at the moment. I think that's fair enough.

Absolut Hammer said...

Sure, how can anything possibly compare with this: but I don't think I would call it a cover that Robyn did of Hyperballad so much as the most amazing and reverential tribute to Björk and her second best song ever (her best is All Is Full Of Love).

I love when the frantic orchestral portion kicks in at the last third of the the song; Robyn just lets the instruments and machines do all the work and goes joyfully along for the ride. And I'm quite willing to overlook her singing "safe again with you".

I can't help but think Björk's enigmatic smile at the end of the performance was her trying as hard as she could not to cry. I know I did a little. It was fucking fantastic.

george said...

is this the first time you announced the bjork tatt? this info has renewed my love for LP.......oh i like the playlist.....thanks for sharing

Nathan said...

I'd like to point out that:

a) I go on about you being mental all the time. Including because of the arm tattoo which I (singularly, it seems) find hilariously ironic.

b) That person from that post a few weeks back ALSO went on about you being mental for the Bjork tattoos. Well, I mean, he thought the High School Musical one was mentall-er. But he lost his privileges to comment on the mentall-ness of tattoos when he.... you know...

c) The cover of Hyperballad was pretty. Bjork liked it, why can't you?

d) Stop hating on Robyn just because she's becoming commercially successful.

d) Bjork is untouchable, I'll give you that. I mean:

Nathan said...

Can you

Nathan said...

f) Replace the above (d) with and (e) and remove one 'L' from before each dash in (b).

g) On the topic of the clubbing post; We should have been taking notes in that place we recently went.

London Preppy said...

If anything good comes up over the weekend, please let me know. TAKE NOTES

Fresco said...

Thank you for No. 3 / Smiled with your No. 11 comment / And thank you for introducing me to Hurts when you posted ‘Wonderful life’ in December; I’m in love with the album now.

Anonymous said...

Hi, slightly but ran you blog through an automated blog text analysis site and it came up with this result:

Guess you haven't been angsty enough since you became nu-LP! I can't figure out if there's a way of anaysing the older posts.

Still, you're not doing to bad. My cousin's blog had him down as aged 66-100yo based on his over use of "academic language".

Anonymous said...

Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

Oldyeller said...

Re clubbing, I wonder if you still have those cute red short shorts that you wore clubbing a few years ago (& that someone rudely pulled down whilst you were in the coat pickup line)?

Anonymous said...

I bought American Psycho today for 90 p because of this website. I will read it and report back once I've read it.

DD said...

thought u may like this: