Thursday, 30 September 2010

Thursday 30/09/10

Thursday picture: A Girl and Grave

Friday, 3 September 2010

Friday 03/09/10

I said that I'd write a clubbing post next, but that's not ready yet, sorry.

In the meantime here's Part 4 of my favourite songs of 2010, covering July / August.

Links to previous parts are:
Part 1 (January / February)
Part 2 (March / April)
Part 3 (May / June)

Anyway, here's Part 4.

Some of these songs haven't been officially released yet, some of them are singles, some are album tracks, some are remixes. Anyway, they're all "out there" and you can find them and listen to them if you want. I've included a link where you can hear each song (just click on them).

1. Always loved a film - Underworld (this is insanely joyful. Obviously I don't recommend this to anyone who enjoys the darker moments of London Preppy)
2. Hang with me - Robyn
3. I look to you - Miami Horror
4. Over the hill - Monika (this came out a couple of years ago maybe, but it's Greek and I only just found out about it, so it counts for 2010)
5. White sky (Cecile remix) - Vampire Weekend

6. Devotion - Hurts (ft Kylie Minogue)
8. If you return - Maximum Balloon (ft Little Dragon)
9. Scribble - Underworld
10. Pacific coast highway - Hole (or Honey - Hole, I can't decide)

11. Not giving up on love (extended version) - Armin Van Bureen (ft Sophie Ellis-Bextor) (this is my token uncool Sophie choice, but I love her and she's the most beautiful woman in the world. Also, I prefer the extended version as I said, but the link is to the radio edit video, where one can enjoy lots of lovely shots of Sophie frolicking around)
12. Love kills - Robyn
13. Pockets (Annie vocal mix) - K-X-P
14. Your wish is my command (CAASINO mix) - Clyde Brown
15. Way back home - Bag Raiders

16. Rosenrod - Diskjokke (it's difficult to pick a song from that album, because it's not exactly single/track driven, but there we go)
17. When your love is safe (Classixx remix) - Active Child
18. Don't turn the lights on (Aeroplane remix) - Chromeo
19. Lies (The Phantom's Revenge remix) - Fenech-Soler
20. Shadows (Jens Lekman remix) - Au Revoir Simone

21. Smoke and mirrors - Ali Love
22. Internet connection - M.I.A.
23. All to all - Broken Social Scene
24. On and ever onward - Dirty Projectors + Bjork
25. The drug - Royksopp
26. Superstar (The Krays remix) - Aeroplane
27. And I'm (so in love with you) - Andrew Butler

Finally, the most disappointing thing I've heard this week is Robyn's cover of Bjork's Hyper-Ballad, but that's not really a reflection on Robyn, it's more further evidence that Bjork is untouchable and should be left alone. By the way, I have a Bjork tattoo apart from the infamous Bret Easton Ellis one. Why doesn't anyone ever go on about me being mental because of that one?