Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Wednesday 11/08/10

I am overeating so that I get a stomach ache and take my favorite indigestion pills.

I often get so bored at home in the evenings that I wish somebody would break in.

I’m not ready for the winter clothes that have completely replaced the summer lines in shops

I’m about to give up on reading everything F Scott Fitzgerald ever wrote in order, just to pick up Kafka On The Shore after A Girl’s recommendation

I loathe myself for having felt more satisfaction when buying a magazine I was on the cover of in my pants back in 2008, than when buying a book I have written in this year

Never have things gone better for me, but I can’t help playing with fire and potentially watching it all fall apart

I rent one movie a day from iTunes, but never watch any of them. This has been going on for three weeks

I regret eight of my tattoos. I only have eight

I haven’t taken sleeping pills for two nights in a row and this is my biggest achievement this summer

I sneaked into the cinema when I was 15 to watch the film Kids. I had a dream about Chloe Sevigny last night

Some people don’t deserve happiness; and I’m one of them


Tim in Atlanta said...

I could launch myself into a tirade on the total lot of claptrap you were sold as an impressionable kid as opposed to the worth you gently bestow on Scott, A-Girl... me, for that matter... but I know how these things work having struggled through them myself, so I'll just keep quiet on the subject (but if I were there I'd probably bitch slap you).

Otherwise, just watch porn and jerk off like every other shut-in. It dulls the pain considerably, not that I'd know anything about that.

Andy said...

No one deserves happiness. But I guess it's kind of a nice thing to have. My happiness usually comes in 5 minute spurts every 3-5 weeks (or anytime I listen to the first 10 seconds of Shanice-I Love Your Smile).

Chris B said...

Have you exhausted your seratonin levels being in Barca last week?

I can fedex some of the happy pills I'm on to you :-)

(I like 8 of your tattoos)

Ari said...

I wish you weren’t so physically attractive. It’s such an impediment to honestly experiencing your writing.

Do I find your nihilism endearing because I can empathize with its earnest sorrow... or do I just want your nuts?

kim said...

Kafka On The Shore will not bring you happiness. You will regret reading it (insert exclamation mark).

Oldyeller said...

Wonder how long it will take for you to regret your ninth tatt.

I could go two days without sleeping pills too, but it would be a hollow achievement as there would be no sleeping involved.

I sense that you are happy now, or at least what passes for happy for LP.

Jan Brady said...

I stopped trying to read everything Fitzgerald wrote when he revealed to Hemingway that he had a small penis. Hemingway said it was fine in size in the end. Call me shallow, but anyone with small penis mentality has no business writing novels.

Anonymous said...

.and now BEE has done a Chapter 2 - seems like it's going to be an on-going thing which is great! -

TED said...

If giving up Fitzgerald doesn't make you happy, there's no hope for you.

Mike said...

I love regret and remorse, it's close DNA. If there was ever someone that said ... well. it wasn't me....and I forgot... masturbate? I love internet porn! best thing since "gossip girl".

Can't wait until the third season is released next week, and then "skins"... what was i writing about?