Thursday, 19 August 2010

Thursday 19/08/10

I'm sure these things are connected to each other somehow, although maybe I'm just saying this to create a - very - tenuous narrative in this random post:

a) My latest tweet says: I'M OBSESSED WITH AMERICA(NS)

b) A friend in London sent me this message a few days ago:

Someone was chatting to me on ___ from abroad and you were given as a reference. See, even in Texas they know you: "Must confess the only thing I know about gay life in London is Chelsea and London Preppy's blog"


c) My next LP post will be a clubbing one. With pictures and verbatim comments. For old times' sake

Bye now


george said...

so has that moved you a little closer to icon-dom?

Tommy said...

Cause America is awesome. There I said it, controversial.

Anonymous said...

As Amis, K. once wrote 'No, not Chelsea'