Thursday, 15 July 2010

Thursday 15/07/10

Me: I have to call a cleaner today and talk to her about doing my flat. I am scared of this phonecall.

A Girl: Who are you calling? We had a cleaner for years at our Swiss Cottage flat. She didn’t speak English, I have no idea how we communicated; I don’t think we did. When we let her go we gave her double her amount or something like that, and she left a note saying something like:

‘Thank you, I hope you be happy’

I almost kept the note; she seemed to know more about me than I thought.

Me: Did she write that in blood?

A Girl: Could have been, it’s too long ago to remember now.


G said...

I relate to almost everything from what iv read from your blog and of you..
your entries are brilliant.
what about a LP book?a collection of all your entries.Have you ever had any offer?I stumbled across your blog shortly after its beginning and have been a follower and admirer of it since.I remember you auctioned a LP book before.
If I were a publisher id sign you :)
It would be awesome if it could happen!

Best wishes.

Jake said...

Are you going to see Robyn in October at the 02 Shepherd's Bush Mr Preppy?

george said...

maybe it was blood from her period?