Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Wednesday 16/06/10

Here’s Part 3 of my favourite songs of 2010, covering May / June. Previous parts can be found here: January / February and March / April.

Sorry to keep writing the same introduction, but I don’t expect everyone to be reading every post: These songs can include anything from singles, album tracks, songs found on blogs that will never have a proper release, remixes, out already, soon to be out, whatever. Just as long as they are new from this year and I became aware of them in the last two months.

Here they are, clickable so you can hear them.

(Also, can I just say something. The real finds here are 5 and 6. I could easily sit down and write listening to these two songs on repeat. And I will)

1. XXXO – M.I.A.
2. Baby I’m yours (Aeroplane remix) – Breakbot (I included the original edit of this on a previous list, but I just heard this remix and oh-my-god, etc)
3. Art of uff – Uffie
4. Hurtful (A Copycat remix) – Erik Hassle (I've had the original version of this on my iTunes since March 2009 and it was one of my most played songs last year, but it took a party in Palm Springs where I recently heard this remix for me to re-obsesss for 2010)
5. The kiss – Pallers
6. Journey – Matt Van Schie
7. Here lies love – David Byrne & Fatboy Slim (ft Florence)
8. Illusion of love – Uffie
9. I can change (Stereogamous remix) - LCD Soundsystem
10. Why does the wind (Ewan Person remix) – Tracey Thorn
11. In it together (Polygon Palace remix) – Human Life
12. Alors on danse (DJs from Mars remix) – Stromae
13. Fascinate me (Fred Falke edit) - Florrie
14. Pick up the phone (Michael Van She remix) – Dragonette
15. Oh father - Sia
16. Glory of the night – Young Empires
17. You and my heart – Jack Johnson
18. Me and my guitar – Tom Dice
19. Love (club edit) – Visitor
20. Clay stones (Delivery remix) – We Are The World
21. OOPS
22. The phoenix alive (The Octans edit) – Monarchy
23. Love in darkness – Ali Love
24. Dimmakmmunication – The Bloody Beetroots
25. Jona vark (Shazam remix) – Gypsy And The Cat
27. Prayin' - Plan B
26. Is this on me? - Elite Gymnastics

And since we're halfway through the year, here are my Top 5 albums of 2010 so far:

1. One Life Stand - Hot Chip
2. Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans - Uffie
3. Black Light - Groove Armada
4. Contra - Vampire Weekend
5. This Is Happening - LCD Soundsystem

And by 5, I mean 8:

6. Acolyte - Delphic
7. Volume Two - She & Him
8. Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles

Oh and since we're here, for old times' sake:

Bye now


Toby said...

You are a jerk for omitting Cheryl Cole's entire discography from this list.

London Preppy said...

CHEZZA HAS NOT RELEASED ANYFINK THIS YEAR. I love 3 Words. There, I've said it

Toby said...

"I love 3 Words."

Those four words about "3 Words" make me so happy.

deikse mou said...

A little housekeeping: I Can Change - LCD Soundsystem appears twice at #9 and #21 and if one were eliminated would leave room for All The Lovers - Kylie Minogue. Oh wait, wrong list. Kylie belongs on the list of Horrible Played-out Gay Discoballads.

Limited profile said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
London Preppy said...

toby: Favourite but: "my life.."

deikse: Oh yeah. I wonder what I was actually aiming to put at 21. I'll think about it

limited: I know. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON

The Illustrious D said...

Here Lies Love is awesome, as is Every Drop of Rain.

I know, what the hell is with the comments issue? Maybe does really hate fags. Or just David Byrne.

Andy said...

Your top 5 (8) albums are spot on. Although I found a few tracks on Crystal Castles were a real let down. But the rest, the rest are magic.

London Preppy said...

illustrious d: Did you mean to type God there? Or did he delete it Himself?

andy: I think we could be friends

C said...

Have you tried the Sleigh Bells album?

The Illustrious D said...

No no. God's now changed his name to just a space. He's the new Prince.

, I need to start proofing my comments.

Oldyeller said...

WTF? No Tony Bennett? (Smiley)

Fresco said...

Dear American Junkie, thank you for this update. Funny to see Tom Dice at 18 but the real find is here indeed no. 6. I could easily sit down and listen to this the whole weekend. And I will.

London Preppy said...

c: I haven't, but I will, thanks

Anonymous said...

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