Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sunday 02/05/10

Two months ago I put a post up with my favourite songs of the year so far. Here it is. Now it's two months later, and I have another Top 27.

Again, this is a random collection of singles, album tracks, remixes, released, unreleased, etc. Here they are with links to listen to them.

1. ADD SUV - Uffie (By far. And it has brilliant lyrics too. Apart from Pharrell's rap, which doesn't)
2. Dancing on my own - Robyn
3. Baptism - Crystal Castles
4. I feel better (Richard X remix) - Hot Chip (I can't find this, but trust me)
5. Fan out - Surkin

6. Nightcall (MMMatthias remix) - Kavinsky
7. Fool's day - Blur
8. On melancholy hill - Gorillaz
9. One touch - LCD Soundsystem
10. Better than love (Jamaica mix) - HURTS

11. Surkin - Easy action
12. Fembot - Robyn
13. Unspoken - HURTS (I can only find a remix of this on yuotube, but I meant the original)
14. Don't fucking tell me what to do - Robyn
15. Second lives - Vitalic (This is the actual video and it's very good)

16. Opposite of adults - Chiddy Bang
17. Kick - autoKratz
18. Celestica - Crystal Castles
19. Stop and stare - Fenech-Soler
20. Can't fight this feeling - Sophie Ellis-Bextor with Junior Caldera (I don't care how uncool this is. Well, OK, I care a little; enough to make this comment)

21. Sweet Carrie (Beaumont remix) - NightWaves
22. Vicious (DJ Agent 86 remix) - Fromage
23. Moon theory - Miami Horror
24. Supermenz (we're not) - Yuksek
25. One ring circus - Chloe
26. Panic attack (Fred Falke mix) - Florrie
27. Attack music - These New Puritans

In other news, here are two very good new remixes of songs that originally came out last year or the year before, so they don't quite count, but ON SOME LEVEL maybe they do:

1. Sweet disposition (Doorly mix) - The Temper Trap (I completely LOVE this)
2. Re:stacks (Tomas Barford mix) - Bon Iver (Damn, that's not on youtube but it's amazing)

In yet other news that nobody cares about, I saw Kavinsky (no.6 above) DJ'ing recently and he was AMAZING, I saw Uffie (no.1 above) live recently and she was OK and I saw LCD Soundsystem (no.9 above) live recently and they were shit.

That's all.


abristolnovella said...

I'm in serious need of some new music, but alas, I have not the time to download :-( if you could just fax me them, that'd be grand

Anonymous said...

No Shakira?

Anonymous said...

How long has that Relacore link been in the sidebar and why is it there?

London Preppy said...

bristol: If a memory stick finds its way to me I can return it with music you know

anon: Shakira hasn't released anything new in 2010 duh!

shakiralover said...

Er. World cup song?


Me, I prefer shakira circa 1996

London Preppy said...

lover: Oh dear, I have completely missed that. And it goes wakawakawakawaka you say? *furiously googles*

shakiralover said...

i know its not your music taste, but hey

george said...

you suck

beaumont said...

i'm flattered you included my mix of nightwaves. many thanks!!

London Preppy said...

george: My life sucks. Without you

beaumont: Aww, thanks for the comment. You're welcome, great job

blueyedboy said...

I know I've said it before, but I really do like these music posts you do. I fucking love that Vitalic track - according to my, it's the track I've listened to most in the last 3 months. I've got the Justin Faust remix of Panic Attack which is pretty good, although I like Fred Falke's remix of Call 911. Are you into the Bloody Beetroots? I think they might be up your street. Finally - and I don't know if you'll like this or not - I'm currently loving the Lights Over LA remix of Billie Holiday, by Miike Snow. Check it out.

Andy said...

That Temper Trap remix has been on repeat alot for me recently. And i've always got stick for being a fan of Sophie Ellis Bexter, she makes good music but for some reason people think it's embarrassing to listen to it.
You should check out Doorly's remix of Marina's I Am Not A Robot.

Always like your music posts, i'll get to downloding them tomrorow.

London Preppy said...

blueyed: I've heard a few remixes by Bloody Beetroots, which I liked. I'll check out the Miike Snow thing too, thanks

andy: Cool, I'll check Marina now

Logan said...

Is this the type of music that London hipsters would listen to? haha maybe not?
In Boston it's pretty much Piebald, the Format and the receiving end of sirens and then tons of other bands I'm not cool enough(or too cool depending on how you look at it) to know about.

Anyway I don't listen to music similar to Shakira, but I don't really like many of these. I did start listening to iamx after you posted one of those songs on here though.

London Preppy said...

logan: I'm sure true London twats, sorry I meant hipsters, would look down on most things on my list.

Well, I've shared IAMX love at least!

Guy said...

Like others who have commented I have been a fan of these posts for a long time and even have a 'LondonPreppy' playlist on my iPod. I listen to it when friends have left at the end of the evening and all I have left are dirty dishes and the anticipation of a hangover.

My favourite song of the year so far is "Here Lies Love" from David Byrne's song cycle about Imelda Marcos. As improbable a subject as she might be, the song is a very moving piece that attempts to humanize her without glossing over the suffering she and her husband inflicted on her people.

It might be a bit more 'pop' than what you usually listen to, but a good hook is better than...well, almost anything really.

London Preppy said...

guy: I actually downloaded this album and skimmed through it without listening properly. I'm playing your song as I'm typing this. I think I can like this

London Preppy said...

Oh I do like it quite a bit, thanks. There's so much music that's sitting on my hard drive and I don't always give everything a fair chance

Anonymous said...



London Preppy said...

Vas: KauKau has examzzzzzzzzzzzz and he'll miss the chart battle. SEB for top 150!!!!!!!!

Fresco said...

I don’t care how uncool this comment is, but thanks for No. 20.

sleepyboy said...

I always get a panic attack when I see one of your music posts. I assume you have thousands of hours of music on your computer. How do you deal with it all? Do you just listen to it a lot file it away and then move on to something new? I think that's one thing I don't like about music, is that you always have to keep chasing it and it doesn't ever want to keep still and you have to pick up all the droppings.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

1. I too love these music posts.
2. I too have a "London Preppy" playlist.
3. (Aside) Thanks Guy. I'm loving "Here Lies Love."

London Preppy said...

First of all sorr for messed up tping but two letters on m keboard don't work. ou can guess wic ones te are, I'm sure. I'll ave a new keboard soon. Anwa.

sleep: I ave a few tousand songs on m laptop ere, but I also ave an external drive, wit 1TB capacit and I've started storing songs tere. Wen I get new songs, te are automaticall added to a plalist called "Newl Added" and te sta tere for 3 weeks. Tat's te plalist I listen to most often so tat I learn m new songs

frontier: I also ave a London Prepp plalist - wit songs tat I ave found out troug blog reader recommendations. OW FUNN !!!

Luke said...

Love the Vitalic video / song, the bit with the peeping tom and the bit with the sock are priceless.

Just wondering what's going on in Greece at the moment from the perspective of someone who understands the place?

thebewlaybrother said...

Have you heard of Thieves Like Us? Your kind of thing, I think...

thebewlaybrother said...

Have you heard of Thieves Like Us? Your kind of thing, I think...