Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday 07/03/10

Here's a list of my top 27 songs of the year so far. This year I'm ridiculously happy. That's all.

Some of these songs haven't been officially released yet, some of them are singles, some are album tracks, some are remixes. Anyway, they're all "out there" and you can find them if you want. I've included a link where you can hear each song (just click on them).

Oh also, I've kept it to two songs maximum from the same artist.

1. I feel better - Hot Chip
2. History - Groove Armada
3. Royal T - Crookers ft Roisin Murphy
4. Wonderful life - HURTS
5. Cooler couleur - Crookers ft Yelle

6. MCs can kiss - Uffie
7. Momma's place - Roisin Murphy
8. One life stand - Hot Chip
9. Thieves - She & Him
10. Love harder - Ali Love

11. Body double - Pilot Priest
12. Trouble (CFCF remix) - Fabio Lendrum
13. This momentary (Le Matos remix) - Delphic
14. Rocket (Richard X one zero remix) - Goldfrapp
15. Starry eyed (Jakwob remix) - Ellie Goulding

16. Lying around (Sharam Jay remix) - Cassette Kids
17. Skin machine - autoKratz
18. Giving up the gun - Vampire Weekend
19. Paper Romance - Groove Armada
20. Blood, tears and gold - HURTS

21. Alcatraz - Kasper Bjørke
22. Stylo - Gorillaz
23. Baby I'm yours - Breakbot
24. Hollywood (fenech-soler remix) - Marina & The Diamonds
25. A funny thing - Penguin Prison
26. O.N.E. - Yeasyear
27. Boy lilikoi - Jónsi

And while I'm here, my top 6 albums of 2010 so far are:

1. One Life Stand - Hot Chip
2. Black Light - Groove Armada
3. Acolyte - Delphic
4. Contra - Vampire Weekend
5. Tons Of Friends - Crookers
6. Plastic Beach - Gorillaz


Andy said...

Oh yes. You have to love the Jakwob remix of starry eyed.
Great list you have here.

george said...

"This year I'm ridiculously happy." WTF!!!!

blueyedboy said...

I like how your taste in music is roughly similar to mine, and yet I always manage to find something new and interesting in your music posts. Definitely keep them coming, I like them. Also, check out the Le Matos remix of that Delphic track, it rocks.

Anonymous said...

Have you been following Greece in the run-up to Eurovision 2010? Do you even get Eurovision and Greek TV where you're living now?

London Preppy said...

blueeyedboy: I LOVE that remix, thanks for pointing it out. I mean, actually, wow, I really really like it. I'd probably put that on the list if I were doing it again

London Preppy said...

anon: No, sadly, no access to Greek TV where I am. From what I know they're being low-key this year with Eurovision though?

London Preppy said...

blueyed: Fuck it, I'm changing my list, this is too good, thanks

This is not me said...
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blueyedboy said...

Glad to be of service. If I ever make a similar list of songs then I'll pass on the link.

Louis said...

You missed out this

Anonymous said...

Happy?Try Miike Snow.

W said...

somehow i ended up in this place on friday night

music seems to be in this vain - so if your ever in London again you may want to check it out.

God knows how you find out when they are on though.

And if you worry about the location of fire doors in the places you go then you may just want to hang out by the staircase in case of an emergency.

London Preppy said...

louis: I most certainly did not!

anon: I like the Miike Snow song from the Crookers album, does that count? But I included the Yelle and Roisin Murphy songs instead, which are simply immense. IMMENSE

w: Yes, that (party) sounds about right

peter said...

So weird the website lists 12 comments yet there are 13.

Or maybe 14, including this one.

London Preppy said...

I won't lie to you, Peter, this discrepancy has been troubling me, as well

peter said...

Its like those american elevators.

13 unlucky number.


Anonymous said...

Hello there London Preppy! Damo here from the Myspace days lol
Hope you had a good twenty tenth...mine later this year (screams) Hope it isn't as scary as it sounds lol
Like the list btw. Just wondering, if you have heard last years Tiga album "Ciao!"? I have to say myself that I am not that keen on it tbh. I mean that first album was soo life-changing. Maybe it will grow? lol
Btw I have checked out the Hurts song "wonderful life" and I love it! What do you think of the Arthur Baker remix?

London Preppy said...

Hi Damo, I do know Ciao! I do like it a lot I must say. Probably more than the first one too. And I kinda like the Arthur Baker remix of Wonderful Life, but I do think it takes away a bit from the original version

sleepyboy said...

Can I ask you how you keep up with all the new music? Am I just not aware of some obvious thing, like some website or newsletter. Cause I feel like I just didn't get the memo and am really dumb. Or is it that you just really like these bands already and just check up on them a lot?

London Preppy said...

Well, that's all I do when I'm online these days. Surf music blogs / read messageboards, etc. Also, I've got a few friends that do the same, so we just forward music to each other

Limited profile said...

Have you ever thought about it? Why it is that you are so in love with music? I mean you obviously love to write, but whats up with the music thing? Have you ever wanted to compose. Or are you just a listener when it comes to music but a participant in fiction.

Limited profile said...

this really is a new low for greece

Fresco said...

So I guess you already heard ‘Bittersweet’ and the new HURTS single ‘Better than love’?

London Preppy said...

Yes. I don't know what to make of either to be honest

Anonymous said...

Please tell us what your fabourite music blogs are LP.

London Preppy said...

anon: I use Hype Machine ( to see what's out there that's new or for remixes. My favourite blog for quite random electro/synthpop tracks that never break through is Big Stereo ( I occasionally check Arjan Writes though I dislike his writing style and the general fabulousness/positivity of it (

Anonymous said...

Yes I believe I have seen Aryan's blog before. I remember recognizing his face from somewhere but not being able to place him. I probably saw him in some crappy US reality show.

peter said...

The discrepancy has now flipped.

This blog has a ghost.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE marina & the diamonds!! einai ki ellinida ;)
dimitris xx

Gary said...

Oh my f-ing jesus, is Roisin Murphy the greatest vocalist of all time?

Royal T just happens to be one of the best tracks I have EVER heard and I don't even like Dub Step.

Honestly, on repeat in a OCD manner.