Monday, 1 February 2010

Monday 01/02/10

Have I mentioned how exciting the Suede reunion gig is? Have I mentioned that my uncontrollable desire to attend surpasses any London Preppy-type "I don't care about anything, just sedate me and leave me to watch a world that's passing me by" old crap? Have I mentioned that I will fly back to London from the other side of the world to be there? Yes, I think I have.

The gig is taking place at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday 24th March.

Tickets go on sale this Friday 5th February at 0900 UK time.

I expect all hell to be breaking loose at that time, I expect the site to be crashing left right and centre, and I expect the gig to sell out within eight minutes. For reasons that I can't control (and this cuts me up real good), I can't be online at that point.

Can someone, anyone, who's planning to get tickets for themselves do me a tiny - and by tiny I mean huge - little favour? Can you get an extra one for me? (Of course I'm paying)

The website selling the tickets is this:

This Friday. 0900 UK time.

I want to go and I want to sweat for every word and cry for every verse and bleed for every chorus.

There has never been anything more important on this tired old planet ever. Thanks.


KP said...

I'll what I can do.

James said...

some of the websites that have links to seetickets take you direct to the ticket purchasing page and are open an hour or so before the seeticket page opens... i can't remember the site, but its one of those shitty `what to do in london` sites... worked for my Grace jones tickets last summer.

Anonymous said...

i love suede

Anonymous said...

i love suede