Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Wednesday 24/02/10

Do you know what, I don’t even know where I am at the moment, Hollywood, SoCal, London…

…but what I do know is that the Sunday line-up for Lovebox in London on the 18th of July is the best festival line-up EVAH. And wherever I am, I’m very unemployed, very mobile and very available. Just sayin’

Cut Copy
Hot Chip
Hercules & Love Affair

Oh Lord

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Wednesday 10/02/10

On Monday evening I'm taking Valium in a motel somewhere in the Californian High Desert, taking Valium with ___, first 5gm each, then another 10mg, a fire burning in the corner of the room, unseasonable rain falling outside, Have You Ever Been This Low? By Suede playing on a generation one iPhone (a silver one) a dinner reservation coming up at 2000, a dinner reservation we might attend, might not, because I just discovered three 5mg Xanax tabs in the lining of my sunglasses case, which I brought with but haven't served a purpose until now. The sunglasses, not the tabs.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Sunday 08/02/10

Awesome song + Awesome remix + Ridiculous video = WIN WIN WIN

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Thursday 04/02/10

Sorry to keep going on about this, but yes, it’s Suede again. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 0900 (Friday 5th Feb). There was a presale over the last 12 hours which I only found out about now, after it was over. I did self-harm.

Please, please, please, please, please help me get a STANDING / ARENA ticket; this is a bit life or death for me. I know I’m usually pathetic and desperate, but this time I’m really pathetic and desperate.

Link is:

Remember: Standing / Arena. I will owe you blood. (And I’ll pay for it too, of course)

EDIT: No luck with this. Has anyone got tickets? Any more suggestions / help? I will pay more than face value / in sex / in blood, sweat, whatever takes your fancy.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Monday 01/02/10

Have I mentioned how exciting the Suede reunion gig is? Have I mentioned that my uncontrollable desire to attend surpasses any London Preppy-type "I don't care about anything, just sedate me and leave me to watch a world that's passing me by" old crap? Have I mentioned that I will fly back to London from the other side of the world to be there? Yes, I think I have.

The gig is taking place at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday 24th March.

Tickets go on sale this Friday 5th February at 0900 UK time.

I expect all hell to be breaking loose at that time, I expect the site to be crashing left right and centre, and I expect the gig to sell out within eight minutes. For reasons that I can't control (and this cuts me up real good), I can't be online at that point.

Can someone, anyone, who's planning to get tickets for themselves do me a tiny - and by tiny I mean huge - little favour? Can you get an extra one for me? (Of course I'm paying)

The website selling the tickets is this:

This Friday. 0900 UK time.

I want to go and I want to sweat for every word and cry for every verse and bleed for every chorus.

There has never been anything more important on this tired old planet ever. Thanks.