Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday 17/01/10

Love conquers all. I'm sorry; but it does.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Thursday 14/01/10

It's the 13th day of the new decade and I'm sat in this coffee shop somewhere in southern California, though I won't say exactly where, and I'm eating waffles with chocolate sauce and drinking a coffee, having made new year's resolutions of: giving up the gym / taking up caffeine / eating carelessly / spending time with inappropriate men / always crushing and snorting my pills; resolutions that I feel my life has been building up to for 30 years, resolutions that I'll never fail, not if my life depends on it.

That's when I get this email from Enid back in London, an email that says:

"Rumours are circulating that a Suede reunion and Albert Hall gig are about to be announced"

I pick up a pen that's on the table next to mine, read the email again, drop the pen startled for dramatic effect and continue staring at my Blackberry screen until no steam is coming out of my coffee any longer. I don't know how long that is, because I have nowhere to be and nothing to do in California, so time doesn't matter.

Regardless. Suede might be reforming. If anyone already knows / finds out from now on anything about this (i.e. tickets have gone on sale), can you please get in touch and let me know? I need this to happen. And I need to be there. I am going to fly back to London for this. Don't let me miss it.

By the way, this is deadly serious. With the emphasis on deadly. Just to assess the magnitude of this, here is a list of my most played artists over the last year and a half from

Thank you