Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Wednesday 23/12/09

This Christmas we want more:

Christmas movies, surfing holidays, blue-eyed boys, skinny girls who like fashion, Jack Johnson songs, nihilistic novels, ice cream from Scoop, Yelle concerts, cats like Scott's cat Shadowfax, “bi/curious” rugby players in the world, deck shoes, drives with Scott, QI repeats, stubble on my face

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Thursday 17/12/09

If you've just bought a book and read it (whether finished it all or left it halfway), but you thought very little of it and the author, in fact a) you wish you hadn't wasted your time in the first place and b) you keep wondering how such a talentless bore as him got published at you put it on your bookshelves to keep or do you throw it in the bin? Note: you have VERY extensive empty bookshelves

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sunday 13/12/09

There is a lot of competition for sure, but I decided long ago that that three saddest words in the English language are, “don’t let go”.

It first dawned on me when I read them in that scene in Bright Lights Big City where the main character’s Mother uses them, and since then I’ve been unable to find a situation where these words can be said, that’s not associated with despair, fear, anguish, neediness. Maybe I’m not thinking hard enough; maybe I’m thinking too much. I just can’t see what good can come if anyone, anywhere, at any point actually lets go.

This is a song that uses “don’t let go” as the driving force of its chorus. Frankly, it’s immense. The words, the music, the guy’s voice, everything.

I can’t remember the last time I liked a song from a new band so much. Right at this point, and I know I’ll regret this, I’m drawing insane parallels between this and Depeche Mode and, sorry, The Smiths. I listened to it on my iPod walking around the city last night and it was freezing cold and it was around midnight and there was a river there, and it took all the strength that I had not jump right in, because life just couldn’t get any better. Or worse. I’m not sure which.

In any case, HURTS (or is it hurts?) is my favourite new band at the moment, based on this one song. They haven’t actually released anything yet, they will do in the new year, but until then I have this to rest all my hopes on.

Am I building myself up for disappointment? Will this only end in tears? Am I opening myself up only to be left broken, shattered, alone? Probably. I don't care. Let me be destroyed.

Oh. And I fancy the guy that plays the keyboard.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Friday 04/12/09

I know I've done this before, but it was years ago. Could you do me a favour and leave a comment with the city / country where you're reading this from? Just that, nothing else. I'd find it very interesting, thank you.

The comments are open for everyone at the moment, you don't have to sign in or anything.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tuesday 01/12/09

I’m eating a Double Decadence Domino’s pizza with mushrooms and pepperoni and watching endless episodes of Miami Ink, because this is what I must do, and this kid walks in and this is a kid that looks like this…

…and wants to get SURVIVOR tattooed across his stomach, because he had testicular cancer when he was 16 and this spread up to his lungs and to cut a long story short this kid is a fucking hero and I love him so.

And I can’t imagine when I last had an original thought by myself, so following on this pattern, I decide on the spot that I want to get a similar tattoo, a tattoo that says that I’m straight, I don’t think on multiple levels, I’ve got a story to tell and I’ll shove it in your face.

And my shortlist of words is: SURVIVOR or STRONG or STRONGER

So I run this idea past Nathan, because you have to have at least a second opinion which you’re going to ignore when you come up with something ridiculous, and Nathan tells me the following:

“I’m sorry but ‘Survivor’ is a Destiny’s Child song.

And ‘Stronger’ is a Britney song.

Unless you want people singing these songs to you, I would refrain”

And then I say to Nathan that I did think of the Britney and Beyonce associations for my words, but then I decided to kid myself that I live in a world where people either don’t remember these things, or were never aware of them. For example, the guy above, does Nathan think that he has any friends who know that Britney Spears released a song called Stronger? And no, Nathan doesn’t.

Then of course, it hits me that I live in a world that revolves around Sydney Mardi Gras, Madrid Pride and Kelly Rowland vs David Guetta, but I decide to have my motivational word tattoo nonetheless, and on top of it I’m going to stick another wild animal there and make my legs look like a zoo decorated by a self-help therapy group.

When I next look at the time it’s 0630 and I’ve stayed up all night in this trance, eating and watching and talking to people in different time zones, but that’s OK, because the people in the shop where I work are pretty chilled and they don’t mind what time I turn up, so I go to bed and lie there for a bit

thinking that I want Ami from Miami Ink to tattoo me, Ami being the badass “dangerous” tattoo artist who has some serious issues and does kick-boxing and fires other artists when they become more prominent than him, and so yes I want him to tattoo me giving me the usual aggro and then when I make a move on him, not because I fancy him necessarily but because I just want a reaction, and he realises that I’m a faggot, he jumps me and the guy in the picture above is also in the shop and tries to stop him, but uh oh, I’m already bleeding.