Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tuesday 10/11/09

I am putting together the list of my albums of the year
I will post the list on here
I will write about the best way to kill yourself whilst listening to each album


Louis said...

Please include shooting yourself in Dior to Mariah's Daydream Interlude. Much like Carrie Bradshaw's "I FELL in Dior".

athlonnyc said...
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Jake said...

You could chop off one bodypart per album, ending with the head.

But you'd have to find some way of chopping off your head, y'know, without any hands. Or arms.

Someone could then auction off the pieces of you!

george said...

but aren't you dead already????

London Preppy said...

louis: I will play this scene now for inspiration, thanks

athlon: I don't know about that, I feel like I kill myself on a daily basis to be honest

jake: Who gets the money?

george: Repeatedly

Jasper said...

yeah, need to kill myself. i messed up the paper for my strongest subject argh