Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Tuesday 03/11/09

I need to find a tween Lloyd forum somewhere and I need to see what their reaction is after Saturday's debacle, and how they plan to remedy the situation this week. Is a massive voting campaign being planned? Teenage girls have always been a well organised, rational and non-hysterical bunch of "go-getters", so I expect this to happen post haste.

I need to stop hating Danyl from the bottom of my broken heart and through the marrow of my resorpting bones, but most of all I need him to go have that disconcerting mole from his left shin removed, because everytime I see it in a picture (89% of them to be fair - he must think it's his Madonna tooth gap or unruly left eyebrow or something: a "natural flaw" that will elevate him into worship) I just think that the poor bisexual lad has stepped into Lucie's dog's shit when practising his dramatic stage falls.

And this is the LAST time I'm typing here selmi-conscious on forgotten Xanax from a bedside draw that expired last month (I don't use this bedroom much)


alex said...
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timaleksandr said...

i'm a bit late posting this, but i was just re-reading old entries on your blog i'd missed.

my mate works in production on the show. apparently, Danyl and Lloyd were caught in bed together, and it's been going on a while. the whole production crew knows it, and so does the press, although they're not running with the story for some reason.

tut tut, Danyl, he's only 16, but that's technically legal, right?

that's my gossip for the day.

Anonymous said...

by far the worst post