Thursday, 26 November 2009

Friday 26/11/09

I was reading Marcel Proust's The Captive and The Fugitive but this was one big fuck-off volume of 900 pages and I got tired of carrying it around all day long either in my carrier bag which it made too heavy, or in my backpack where it took up all the space and I couldn't even take food with me (and in the question Proust or food? the answer should always be Proust, but I'm susceptible to making the wrong choices as we know), so after 150 pages I gave up, decided to continue reading this during the Christmas holiday when I won't have to travel around during the day and I'm now reading How It Ended by Jay McInerney, who's in my top 3 writers, well modern day writers anyway and I'm kinda hoping that it doesn't disappoint, but oh who am I kidding of course it will.




Tim said...

Currently reading The Smiths: Songs that Saved Your Life by Simon Goddard. It's pretty good... I'll definitely get Mozipedia when it's finally released in the US.

London Preppy said...

tim: Oh yeah. Mozipedia. Need to get that too. Though it's MASSIVE

athlonnyc said...

I read war and peace over the summer and the simple solution as I did is to rip it up into three pieces and then to strengthen the outsides να το ντυσεις with a plastic cover like we used to do in Greek high school

Reading brief wondrous life of oscar wao

But here is the book that was obviously written for you


by Curtis sittenfeld

it's actually quite a good book and there is an awesome s.ex scene (albeit straight but involving a preppy guy)

London Preppy said...

athlon: I've read Prep

*thumbs up*

Tim in Italy said...

"At Swim, Two Boys" by Jamie McNeil. He's supposed to be the new James Joyce. Don't know about that. Easier to read, for sure ("You don't read Ulysses, you re-read Ulysses!").

A gay love triangle set against the 1916 Easter Rebellion in Dublin. Once you get use to the Irish patois, it's pretty smooth going. Fell in love with Doyler about 6 pages after he was introduced.

Wyler said...

Sounds like some heavy lifting. Does one do Proust and pecs on the same day?

Warning! Ancient black and white footage from inconsequential movie with unimportant actors from a much earlier civilization, now dead. Nothing to see here, move on please:

Tim said...

Who's #2? Obviously BEE is #1.

London Preppy said...

tim: That's a bit tricky. I'm actually re-arranging all my books at the moment on the shelves, so I might come with a list of favourites soon

wyler: Very good

No Turkey This Year said...

This blog is a parody of brett easton ellis is it not?

London Preppy said...

turkey: This comment is a parody of a blog comment is it not?

abristolnovella said...

Oh dear. No pressure or anything.

PhoenixUK said...

I'm trying to finish moby dick. Why do we read these books?!

You remind me of my friend, when we used to get the train home together she'd proudly lug her Biochemistry textbook about just to make herself look intellectual. I'm sure you weren't doing anything remotely like that